Ghost in the Darkness

Last night at about 3:50 in the morning Farley started to bark. I could hear something outside my window. The house is being painted so right under my window is a whole bunch of ladders. Well all the sudden all the laders made a crashing sound, and then something made a wierd grunt like it had fallen and the Farley freaked out and was barking and howling. Then what ever it was just ran away. I was so scared that I couldn’t get out of bed to get my dad. So I layed there for an hour then fell asleep. I just got up so when I get dressed I am going to go outside and look for footprints, or dropings(if its an animal)and then I am going to do whatever today , because I am on spring break OH YA!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAD’S THE MAYOR OH YA OH YA. I am Bryant Larsen saying stay sassy America.


Well life continues here in Hayden Idaho, Farley gettin out of his kennel. Rain, Snow, hail, sunshine all at the same time. Lifes good and I hope it kept going on like this.The whole Family went to the Dermatologist today I got treatment for some acne, while the folks got skin burned off. The Doc. was nice and all but I felt a little uncomfortable with her talking to me and stuff, well it wasn’t that bad. Ok it was fine she was real nice and the experience was great, ok it was not great it was more educational. I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up! Well you see I like the medicine field (looks FANTASTIC) but I got a problem. I don’t like people, so what was my soulution? Well You see I like animals.(they can’t talk to you and if they smell well, their animals there supposed to stink) So I have decided to become a Vetrinarian. I can imagine it now. Bryant Clair Larsen-Vetrinarian helper of the little guys. Well thats just how I see it.

Farley And His Many Doings

Farley( Stupid as we like to call him just kiding)Kepts getting out of his kennel I mean how bad could it be sitting in a 10 by 6 square, rain, snow, and hail fallen on you. Its like he doesn’t like it or something. Yah! I fell bad for him, all alone all night. Dark all around, its really sad when you look right in to his big brown/golden eyes. It just breaks your heart. Went for a walk with him today and right there in the road was a pile of dead deer, must have been about fifty . Ok more like six but still what in the world is that! A pile of dead deer. I mean what in the world of weekly news is a pile of dead deer doing in the road. Farley of course wanted to go over to them, so he could get a good wif of that sweat aroma coming from that pile of dead deer. Well I just walked past them and then noiticed pieces of plastic from headlights and pieces if glass. If I didn’t know any better I would say a car hit all six of them deer. After investigating those deer the Pup and me went on home ready for another wonderful day of escaping, dead deer, and of course those sad sad brown/golden eyes staring into your own eyes, makeing you heart break, intell you drop to your knees and cry like a little baby.(or puppy)

Ok lets get to buisness

I just woke up a while ago because my stupid dog(or mutt if you will) kept breaking chanins and his fence and getting out. He actually breaks the chainlink and crawls through it. Well the new house is great I am still going to Post Falls High but might switch to Couer D’ Lane( I dont know how to spell that) Well I am going to be turnig 15 in a few months then I will leave the nest and be off on my own. Well not exactly on my own I will still be living at the folks house but I have my own wing of the house and its all mine, mine I tell ya. I going to Utah for the Summer againg and its off to the Shakespear Festival. Last year Festival was awsome and I hope it will be the same or even better(MARTY LARSEN YOU SHOULD COME IT WILL BE FUN) or even ten times better. Schools going good but duo to mess ups with the schools computer at the first of the year I got put in the easiest math class where doing like sixth grade math and the teacher on one of the test marked me down 20 points because a reduced the fractions.(She is wierd like that if she doesnt tell ya to do it dont do or she will mark you down 20 points) Her name is Mrs. Schmidt but I call her Mrs. Schmidty because it sounds better well got to get off to the shower because last night I was visited by the Hair Fairy.