Stereotyping the Stereotypical

Stereotypes are everywhere. It is almost impossible to avoid them. We all carry them around with us, or have them pushed at us daily. I sometimes feel as if I get a healthy dose of stereotypes thrown at me more than the average american would. Being gay automatically brings up a plethora of stereotypes…that for the most part…honestly don’t reflect my reality of being gay.

Contradictory to most Gay Stereotypes:

I don’t love Ru-Paul’s Drag Race.
I don’t have the best fashion sense.
I don’t have the vocabulary of an African-American woman.
I don’t enjoy skimpy outfits.
I don’t behave like any of the gay characters on “Family Guy”
I don’t know the words to every Beyonce song.
I don’t dance well.

But what makes me “me”, as a gay man, are the things that I love. Reading, philosophical conversations, backpacking, hiking, movies, and I could go on and on. The things that represent me, are not the stereotypes of gay culture. I am simply me. The gayest thing about me is that I am in fact gay. Nothing less. Nothing more.


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