Salt Lake City: The Balance of City and Wilderness

When I moved up north a little more than a year ago, I never thought I’d feel like this place was home. Especially living up in Heber, I often found myself wondering what I was doing there. A small little town on the Wasatch Back…with really nothing there for me in terms of theatre or a social life. Although, I got to spend that year living near my sister and enjoying the wilderness offerings that come with living in a mountain valley village. Then I had the opportunity to do a show down at the Hale Centre Theatre and started making frequent trips down the Sale Lake Valley. This is were I began to click with living up North. I fell in love with Salt Lake City. I began to frequent the city more, and staying down as long as possible. It became easier to stay in the city as I began to date and the city started pulling me in even more. Those first few months of traveling between Heber and SLC were rough. The drive up Parleys Canyon is beautiful and scenic, but as most paths do when traveled many times, became tedious and dull. I was then presented with an even bigger change, and was able to move down into the heart of the city. I found myself at an apartment complex within steps of Temple Square and the city night life. There has always been a part of me that is fascinated with city life, I yearn for it. There however is also a part of me that yearns in the same way for the mountains and the wild. Spending to much time in one makes me seek the other. That balancing act keeps me sane, and Salt Lake is the perfect city to find that balance. When I yearn for the mountains, and for hiking, I’m only a short car trip away from some of the most beautiful areas in Utah. If I want city life, it’s at my finger tips. I am now in a massive transition period of my life, and I feel like I have found someplace that will be a good base for that transition. There is something bizarre about trying to get out on your own. I have the will to be independent, but often lack those necessary skills to be fully financially independent. I’ll be interviewing tomorrow for a position with the Salt Palace Convention Centre, and have many opportunities in the theatre world coming up. Brigham Young called the Salt Lake Valley “a place of bounty”, and I’ve come to realize that it is indeed.


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