My Faith is Equality

Yesterday, Arkansas became the 18th state to allow Same-Sex Marriages. Hearing that news brings up many feelings of joy and happiness. Knowing that this country is moving in a direction that promotes equality for all individuals is an excellent feeling. Places where gay marriage seemed to be an unclimbable mountain, are now base camps in the fight to marriage equality. Marriage equality is forth and for most a basic right. The right to marry who you love. I honestly have a hard time coming to terms with individuals who oppose this idea of love. How one could think that another human shouldn’t have the same rights as them is beyond me. The debate of homosexuality and gay marriage should be a debate of humanity, and never a debate of religion. If you use religion as the basis of your debate, it is automatically flawed. To declare that homosexuality is wrong based on church teachings, or the writings in The Bible(or any other religious text) holds no more truth than if someone declared homosexuality wrong based on an ad in the newspaper. As someone who has experienced the exhausting emotional conflicts of hiding their sexual preference, I know that despite what “The Bible Says”, I don’t feel like it has validity. I know only what I feel. I am fairly certain that those feelings are the same feelings that many of you reading this have felt too. What is it like to be sexually attracted with the opposite sex?  Whatever your answer was to that question, I have felt in the same way towards the same-sex. There is nothing foreign about it. It is one hundred percent the same exact emotion and feeling. We are humans. We have instincts and behaviors, and who is to say that any of these instincts or behaviors are wrong? We base our knowledge of what is appropriate on texts that have been altered and changed through out history. Texts that have been altered to fit specific circumstances. Therefore, using religion as a basis for the debate in same-sex marriage becomes mute.

We are living in an era where human rights need to be secured and it’s important to remember what our faith teaches us. It teaches us to be true to ourselves, to remain a good person, and to accept others no matter their circumstances.

My faith is equality.



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