The Whole Food Effect: The gathering of spiritualists, hipsters, and granolas.

Something I have found to positively influence my journey of living a more healthy lifestyle is to visit Whole Foods on a daily basis. There is a feeling or vibe that gives you a little punch to think along the lines of, “What am I putting in my body?” and “How does it influence my life?” There is a certain truth to the phrase, “You are what you eat.” I am fully aware of this concept. As an individual with an unhealthy relationship with food, I know the after effects of a fast food diet. Along those same lines, I have seen the remarkable effects of living an organic and clean-food diet. I am a yo-yo dieter. There is no question about it. I have seen my weight fluctuate in my teens and my 20’s to points of extremes on either end. Having lived at 250lbs as well as 155lbs its hard to find a perfect balance. Because of that search for a balance, I have placed my body in a series of extremes that have most likely put my body in shock. Eating fast food and gaining weight is common for me. I can pack away the weight in a short amount of time. I just as easily can lose the weight at a rapid pace. There however is a balance that I am slowly finding. I’m no longer afraid to eat fast food occasionally, as long as the majority of my food intake is “real”. By real, I mean foods that are unprocessed and literally straight form the source. Whole Foods offers a place where you can find these foods readily available. Even now I am sitting in a Whole Foods on my laptop, a fresh salad next to me. The couple next to my table is talking about energy levels and spirituality, and the atmosphere promotes a strong will to accomplish goals. Job hunting, literature exploration, and theological conversations happen all around you…the vibe is good here. Hipsters, Spiritualists, Granolas, and the Health Enthusiasts have a place to gather…and I hope that I fit in here in some way.


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