The Man….

As a human, life can seem overwhelming at times. I think we all go through those points in our life where we look in the mirror and say, “Well what the hell am I supposed to do now?”. There always seems to be some sort of expectation to live up to, some sort of goal to meet, and some sort of destination to reach. Those constant thoughts of , “I have to do this!”and “I have to do that!”creep into your head…even in the middle of the night. What if there was this magical place that all stress and life expectances kind of just went away? Well that place doesn’t exist, so you have to deal with it. It honestly isn’t a bad thing though. What would life be without challenges and obstacles? It would be like this stress free un-adventerous safe place…and who wants that? Okay…maybe that does sound nice…

I never saw myself sitting at a desk…and I still don’t see myself sitting at a desk. Even when I AM sitting at my desk I have a hard time keeping my attention inside my window or away from my ever growing wanderlust. I show up to work everyday because I need money. That need tells me one thing……I have sold out to the man. Selling out to the man, I guess, is a part of becoming an adult-like person. You have these wonderful ideas of what your job will be like, and then you actually start working your job. Then you realize that working in an office is actually NOTHING like The Office or Mad Men. So you sell out to the man to earn that almighty dollar. Then you start to see that you don’t make nearly enough money as the world costs, and The Man starts to get a decent edge on your life. THEN The Man says here is a credit card, and that basically is check mate and The Man has won…so you hae to find a way to stick it to The Man.

…I guess what I am trying to say is… Adulthood seemed so great in my Childhood….and now as I enter my Adulthood…Childhood never seemed so appealing. That is the reason I do theatre…because in a small way I get to hold onto a pretty fantastic part of childhood….imagination and dreaming. Which, did you know? Is the best way to stick it to The Man.

Anywho…I’m rambling. I really just wanted to let you all know that I was cast in Brigadoon at the Hale Center Theatre in West Valley. The show opens October 9th and runs through November 30th. So I hope to see you all there. I will be playing the part of Harry Beaton, and I’ll be highland dancing with swords….so I know you don’t want to miss that.