I made the move to the artic  Heber Valley and a never ending winter at the end of Feburary of this year. With the help from Tasha, I was able to land an awesome job with a company called Lava Corp. Lava Corp is a home automation company, mainly providing high end products and installation to the Wasatch and Salt Lake City areas. I started in the Engineering Department, in my own little cubicle area, mainly working on bids for customers. I garnared my first promotion within two months of being hired. I am now the Office Manager and have progressed to my own office, complete with four windows and my own commercial copy machine. I know…its big time. I just began renting a place in Midway. It is right next to Tasha…actually its the studio-apartment below hers. Life seems to be chugging along nice right now. Although, I am having major withdrawls from the theatre world. Finding a show to audition for is on the top of my mind.

Also…. I’ve been trying to stick to eating Paleo as much as possible. Paying off slowly.



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