Paleo- Day #12

I recently took on the challenge of eating a Paleo Diet for thirty days. What is Paleo? “Paleo Diet – is based upon eating wholesome, contemporary foods from the food groups that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have thrived on during the Paleolithic era, or Stone Age.”(Paleo

These different food groups include; nuts, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and eggs. It eliminates any sort of dairy or grains completely. The idea is that on a time-scale of our human ancestors, we have only been eating foods like grain and milk for a short period of time. The theory is that by eliminating those types of food we can feed our bodies what they naturally crave. I am currently on day twelve of my thirty days. In those twelve days I have seen a decrease of 5% body fat and a total weight loss of around 14lbs. My stomach has become less agitated and the feeling of “bloat” that usually accompanies a day of food has gone completely. I also by no means have ever felt hungry or starved of food. It has been almost the opposite, I have made meals that I can hardly finish. Meals that consist of chicken and mounds of vegetables. I know that I could easily scarf down a whole medium or large pizza by myself(maybe not at one time, but certainly in one day) and still eat other foods along with it. However, if I make a stir-fry that has chicken and a variety of vegetables, I can hardly finish my plate. Along with eating Paleo I have been juicing occasionally to get an extra bump of vegetables and nutrients. Of course there were days when my cravings for bread or dairy were quite strong, but I would find something to eat that was healthy and my cravings would stop. Our bodies crave foods…it’s part of being alive. We want food to survive. When I know that I am hungry because of boredom or a craving, I ask myself, “Do you want an apple or some sort of vegetable?”. If I don’t want either of those, then am I really hungry? or just reverting to old ways of over-cossumntion and eating for the sake of eating. I read at one point that the Paleo Diet helps you make reason for your eating behaviors. I’m only on day twelve, but I can see why that is true. Just like any other addiction, food is a substance that can be abused. On day three all I was craving was cheese covered bread. It wasn’t that my body was hungry, it was the simple fact that my mind wanted it to feel comfort. For many people food plays a huge role in emotional recovery. I know that if I am upset or angry, food was and is something I could turn to to settle me down. Back in the day I could easily wolf down 10 snickers bars, a massive soda, and ice cream and feel content and comfortable. The reason that it was comforting is because of the amount of sugars in those foods. It is also the same with grains. When grain enters your body it is converted into sugar. So we eat a whole pizza, not realizing that all of it is turning to sugar within your body. Here is a a link that basically breaks down what sugar does in our bodies, as well as the differences in the sugars we eat. LINK: SUGAR    (Also, try watching “Hungry for Change” on Netflix. It is a good look at why we eat the way we eat nowadays.) 

I have no reservations about continuing for another eighteen days. Every morning so far I have woken up feeling refreshed and not bogged down. At the end of the thirty days I want see where I am at, and if it something that I could continue with. It is the same as someone deciding to be solely vegetarian or vegan. It is simply a way of eating. There is no reason that it becomes “law” and that you should feel guilty by going against the way you have decided to eat. I don’t think for a second that I will never have pizza or cake ever again. That is illogical and a recipe for failure. It is just a way of eating the majority of the time. It not only makes you feel better, it also makes you more aware of what we consume and why we are consuming it. 

Plus the food just looks good (and you can eat bacon): 


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