Gum Control: The Sticky Situation

Laden with sugars and artificial sweeteners, the amount of gum consumed by the American populous has become a growing concern. It is commonly known that a sleeve of wriggles gum, although approved by the American Dental Association(ADA), has undergone an intense change since its introduction to the consumer many years ago. Natural Sugars and Flavors have been replaced with the likes of Aspartame and Xylitol, and any resemblance to the pre evolutionated gum of the past is non-existant……….

Fault can be found with anything. A pro’s and con’s list can be made up for every single substance, issue, and cultural event. There are negatives to working out daily. There are positives to drinking.Fault can be found at anytime by those wishing to find it. So it is with Guns and Gun Control. We live in a world of polarities. Meaning, that for our brains to logically understand an opinion or an idea, we must associate it with the opposite. For example; when we look at what we perceive to be evil in this world, we compare it to what we perceive to be Good. That is why there is a Heaven and a Hell, a North and a South, also The Brady Campaign and The NRA. We are genetically programed from birth to seek out opposites. That is why our brains have difficulty in non polar situations. Same sex marriage is such a hot zone because many can’t wrap their heads around the non-polarity of the coupling of one single gender. This polarity however can be taught over time to become accustomed to unfamiliarity. The younger generations of Americans have now grown up in a culture that is more open to ethnicity, religious affiliations, and alternative lifestyles. It is an evolution of the brain in a sense. So when we come to issues like “Gun Control” there is an obvious split of opinion. There will always be those who approve and those who disapprove. As a country we can sit and debate and talk and fight as much as we want and really never solve a gosh darn thing. The only thing that legitimately changes opinion on matters is living in it. If the Government and the President were to actually lead our country (as they have been elected to do) they wouldn’t sit and “talk” all these issues over. It would be more prudent to take a stance, execute it fully, and see the outcome. How are we to know if gun control works, if we don’t try it? How are we to know that by putting armed guards into schools it will decrease school violence, if we don’t try it? We can throw ideas around all we want. Congress can banter and mumble their way through an endless maze. The world isn’t ending any time soon, so why don’t we try every solution? This country is built on checks and balances, and if we see that it simply isn’t working….we try something else. Say we see wide-spread Gun Control in the next 5 years, but we also see an increase of illegal gun trade and violence? As a country we could say, “This isn’t working. Let’s try a new route” and go down a completely opposite path.  This country is crippled by its unwillingness and stubbornness to put down its egos, listen, and take action. The old cliche, “You don’t understand me until you walk a mile in my shoes.” should be the motto of this country. Let’s just try something. Anything. Moving forward in any direction is better than standing still.


One thought on “Gum Control: The Sticky Situation”

  1. Because just like the rest of the population half of our politicians are morons. If we tried everybody's ideas it would be more of a joke than it already is. Gun control is not an idea that needs to be tried. Do you really need to Even ponder wether making it harder or impossible for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun will stop a psychopath from getting his hands on one? It is the same reason it so damn hard to fight a terrorist. They do not play by the rules, they do not care if they live. Why give them another rule for them to ignore and the rest of us to pay for? You can never stop it. Ever. But you can try and be prepared so when the pyscho starts you can at least fight back…….. Ty

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