Ye Olde’ Wisdom Teeth Removal

           I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday at a local Oral Surgeon here in St. George. I’ve been waiting a little while to have the procedure done, I’ve just wanted them out because of irritation that has started causing me pain. I was referred to the Oral Surgeon by my dentist because of the complexity of the bottom right wisdom tooth. It had actually come in at an angle and was compacted. When the wisdom tooth had emerged it actually began to grow straight into my farthest back molar on the right side. After two or so years of pressing against that molar I began to feel pain when eating and just a general soreness. Upon viewing the x-rays my Dentist and Oral Surgeon felt that a large cavity and been created where the two teeth had met. The problem with such a large cavity on the lower back of molar, is that the only option of salvaging the tooth is none. So it was decided that after removing the wisdom tooth they would see if the molar needed removal as well. This however created another issue on top of it being a pretty gnarly compacted tooth. Upon removal of a molar like that, there is a space left. When the molar on the top doesn’t have a tooth to contact on the bottom it basically becomes a useless tooth. Left to do what it wants it will actually begin to expand itself in search for a surface of another tooth to be its masticating partner. It was decided that an implant of a artificial root system would be needed, and a crown to placed onto that root system. Once again we ran into another problem. The nerves that run in your jaw under the majority of your teeth sit a bit higher up in my case. The nerve actually barley misses the roots of my teeth. The problem with removing the molar and and inserting the implant is a possibility of nerve damage. In order to avoid drilling and placing the implant so close to the nerve, the decision to do a bone graph in that area to build up the high of the bone was made. This process involves using bone taken from a cadaver body and having it placed within the extraction hole of the molar. The idea of having cadaver bone within my mouth at first gave me the response of, “That’s disgusting.” I however after hearing the Surgeons opinions and his confidence in the procedure felt secure enough to do it. My Mother on the other hand was a little hesitant, but eventually agreed that it was more positive than negative. Thusly, the surgery commenced.

I was taken back to the surgery chair by a very friendly nurse and began the process of pre-surgery set up. This was the first procedure that I have had where I have been given a general anesthetic and was mildly nervous. The nurses were kind and light hearted and kept my calm, and I appreciated that.  As with all anesthetic experiences I was soon drifting through a world of colors and oddities. I remember thinking I was lost in a maze and had to desperately find my way out. There was one point I recall coming back and witnessing the doctors talk and ask for me to be sedated slightly more. In the end it seemed like no time had gone by. My teeth were extracted. The ice pack secured to my face and it was time to head home…and that was a whole other experience…and instead of writing about it….my Mom was kind enough to provide some film work. So today I’d like you to check out my Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction video, filled with all the dragons and swearing you come to know by me. Seriously, I do say “di** face” and “shit” and maybe a few others, so if you don’t want your kids trying to be like their cool Uncle or Cousin Boo…watch this one out of ear shot. It’s honestly not that bad…it’s just once or twice. You’ll See!

Also, on the journey home I apparently took a picture of myself and texted it to my friend Alex…I don’t recall doing it….I’ll I know is the picture may be one of the saddest “self-portrait facebook style” pictures of all time.

Tear Soaked Eyes…Bloody Lips….Ice-Pack….Doped up on Anesthetic…Sounds Like a Party!

Click on the Link to View in HD:

Wisdom Teeth Removal  Enjoy!


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