Snow Canyon State Park

A small breeze crashes through the delicate sage brush, and the sun illuminates the majestic red rock cliffs, this is Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon State Park is perhaps the most beautiful location on this earth. Although Utah is filled with many other State and National parks, I can affirmatively say that

Snow Canyon is my favorite. I’ve spent a lot of time hiking over the past three years. Moving back down to St. George has been a blessing in that regard. Where else on this earth can you walk out your front door and be 4 miles from a location that serves as a safeguard to the earth in its natural state. The park has roads, ranger buildings, and of course campgrounds… but the moment you lose sight of those…you have just entered into a new world. A world where the hum of cars falls silent. A world where if you sit long enough the animal life forgets you’re there. A world where thought and imagination run wild. It isn’t a mystery why the Native Americans were so infatuated with this area. The sight of the canyon alone, fills you with wonder and mystery. To a race of people with little understanding of science and the way the universe works, Snow Canyon had to have been a portal to the heavens in their eyes. There is truly no other place quite like it. 
When the sun sets, the canyon breathes a sigh of relief. The desert is a brutal mistress, and those places and animals (or crazy humans) who dwell within it are subject to her hostility and her life giving nature.


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