Post-Election: The Long Road of Recovery

The second Presidential Election of my voting years has come to an end. This day also marks the second time that I have awoken to my choice of candidate being defeated. It is eerily uncomfortable knowing that the Nation now(or still belongs) in the hands of an individual you wanted so hard to be defeated. This election in particular was emotionally straining on the entire country. We have now become a split nation once again, and emotions and fears are wide spread. However, if you look to those fellow Americans who are basking in the feelings and happiness of Re-Election, wouldn’t it be prudent at this stage to welcome them as brothers and sisters? Accepting the outcome? Allowing the country to finally re-emerge as a united front. Our country has seen the widest union split since the Civil War. The message that came out of this election is clear. We must unite or we will bring this country to its knees from the inside. The worry of terrorism and violence and the general fear of the world today, is nothing compared to disunity. The more we act as two separate nations the quicker our nation falls into the gutters of history. I myself have made grumblings and complaints concerning the outcome of this election, and the ability to do that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We are a country of checks and balances. Every four years we decide as a nation where we want to take this country. It however, is more urgent than ever before to begin blending our views into something that is productive. There is no point allowing our country to remain gridlocked. We must continue to strive to meet the needs of the people. The ideas of social reform are wonderful. The thought that all men, women, and children of this country will someday have the same rights and freedoms is incredible. It is however an impossible road to travel if the country remains in economic ruin. With great economic strength, comes incredible social change. The issue we face as a country is this; we are ready for social change(the countries demographic is changed substantially), we just don’t have the resources to do so. My vote for Governor  Mitt Romney was a vote to insure an economically stable country, in order to further advance the social change this country is bound to see and need. I think it is unwise to begin the transition of social change on such a week economic platform. This is were Bipartisanship needs to come into play. Only a mixture of ideas and programs designed to benefit every sector of this nation will help us actually move forward. We must remember and reflect on our history, before history repeats itself. We are a strong country with passion overflowing, we just need to refract that passion into something viable to survive in the increasingly hostile and overpopulated world. A major shift in powers is emerging, it always does. From the Romans to the Egyptians to the short lived nations of Nazi Germany and The Confederate States of America, power is always shifting….we mustn’t let that shift defeat one of the greatest beacons of liberty and freedom this world has ever seen. We must remain united as strongly as ever before, because we are The United States of America.


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