"The New America"

(Photo: The Drudge Report)

This photo greeted me today as I clicked on the Drudge Report for any breaking news. Doesn’t it appear to be a contradiction of what the results say? Then you realize that the distribution of population is more heavily concentrated in the areas along the coast. Then you think to yourself, “this country really is split.” It really is concerning in the sense that we have two massive groups of people with such varied ideological views. To me this split mirrors Americas past quite closely. A split in national opinion has never been this divided since The Civil War. Looking at the map of the divided states during that time, it does also give me some ease. During the Civil War the united states was split into two sides almost equally. There was a clear border and clear outline of where the split had occurred. Now looking at the split of the recent election you see that the split has occurred in a way that leaves pockets of democratic counties amount pockets of republican counties and visa-versa. In order for there to be a mass split of the union again…it would recquire a mass exodus of one political party to one location. There are however large areas where the politcal parties have gained almost total control. Along the east coast for example is a large area of “blue states” and also along the west coast. But look at the large section of “red states” in the middle. It pretty much makes up the majority of our country in land space. It almost seems like the Republicans are being corralled into the middle of the state. This is a new era for the United States. I have a few predictions about what the Country will see in the next decade or two:  (I’m not saying these things are certain, I just feel like it’s the direction our country is headed.)

1) The creation of a major third party that will be heavily backed by the Latino and Immigrant base.
2) An eventual national acceptance of many of the social issues you see today (Gay Rights, Abortion, Legalization of Marijuana and other Drugs, and a relaxation on immigration laws.
3) Wide Spread Socialization of Government Programs- i.e. Socialism.
4) An even further divide of church and state.
5) Pockets of America will be heavily concentrated with a Christian Base…but constantly beat in every election by the vast majority of liberal and diversity filled areas.
6) A Latino President, A Black Female President, An Atheist President, A Gay President, an Imigrant President.

When I look at those…I have a little fear, but at the same time…it’s just change. It happens all the time. History has seen it a million times over, this country has seen it a million times over. This isn’t the America that was founded so long ago. Heck, it wasn’t even the America that was founded by the time we reached the 1800’s. Things will change, its the natural order of things. It is also prudent for those that truly believe in preserving parts of our past to do so. That is why this country is about. It is about the ability to change things, and when the country is ready to move on it will. The country never thought it would see the day when Blacks would have the same rights as whites. The country never thought it would see the day when a Catholic would take office. The country never thought they would see the day when a woman had just as much chance to be our president. The country never thought it would see a lot of things. We today are living in a world that is no more dangerous, and no more changing than the day this world was created.


Snow Canyon State Park

A small breeze crashes through the delicate sage brush, and the sun illuminates the majestic red rock cliffs, this is Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon State Park is perhaps the most beautiful location on this earth. Although Utah is filled with many other State and National parks, I can affirmatively say that

Snow Canyon is my favorite. I’ve spent a lot of time hiking over the past three years. Moving back down to St. George has been a blessing in that regard. Where else on this earth can you walk out your front door and be 4 miles from a location that serves as a safeguard to the earth in its natural state. The park has roads, ranger buildings, and of course campgrounds… but the moment you lose sight of those…you have just entered into a new world. A world where the hum of cars falls silent. A world where if you sit long enough the animal life forgets you’re there. A world where thought and imagination run wild. It isn’t a mystery why the Native Americans were so infatuated with this area. The sight of the canyon alone, fills you with wonder and mystery. To a race of people with little understanding of science and the way the universe works, Snow Canyon had to have been a portal to the heavens in their eyes. There is truly no other place quite like it. 
When the sun sets, the canyon breathes a sigh of relief. The desert is a brutal mistress, and those places and animals (or crazy humans) who dwell within it are subject to her hostility and her life giving nature.

Post-Election: The Long Road of Recovery

The second Presidential Election of my voting years has come to an end. This day also marks the second time that I have awoken to my choice of candidate being defeated. It is eerily uncomfortable knowing that the Nation now(or still belongs) in the hands of an individual you wanted so hard to be defeated. This election in particular was emotionally straining on the entire country. We have now become a split nation once again, and emotions and fears are wide spread. However, if you look to those fellow Americans who are basking in the feelings and happiness of Re-Election, wouldn’t it be prudent at this stage to welcome them as brothers and sisters? Accepting the outcome? Allowing the country to finally re-emerge as a united front. Our country has seen the widest union split since the Civil War. The message that came out of this election is clear. We must unite or we will bring this country to its knees from the inside. The worry of terrorism and violence and the general fear of the world today, is nothing compared to disunity. The more we act as two separate nations the quicker our nation falls into the gutters of history. I myself have made grumblings and complaints concerning the outcome of this election, and the ability to do that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We are a country of checks and balances. Every four years we decide as a nation where we want to take this country. It however, is more urgent than ever before to begin blending our views into something that is productive. There is no point allowing our country to remain gridlocked. We must continue to strive to meet the needs of the people. The ideas of social reform are wonderful. The thought that all men, women, and children of this country will someday have the same rights and freedoms is incredible. It is however an impossible road to travel if the country remains in economic ruin. With great economic strength, comes incredible social change. The issue we face as a country is this; we are ready for social change(the countries demographic is changed substantially), we just don’t have the resources to do so. My vote for Governor  Mitt Romney was a vote to insure an economically stable country, in order to further advance the social change this country is bound to see and need. I think it is unwise to begin the transition of social change on such a week economic platform. This is were Bipartisanship needs to come into play. Only a mixture of ideas and programs designed to benefit every sector of this nation will help us actually move forward. We must remember and reflect on our history, before history repeats itself. We are a strong country with passion overflowing, we just need to refract that passion into something viable to survive in the increasingly hostile and overpopulated world. A major shift in powers is emerging, it always does. From the Romans to the Egyptians to the short lived nations of Nazi Germany and The Confederate States of America, power is always shifting….we mustn’t let that shift defeat one of the greatest beacons of liberty and freedom this world has ever seen. We must remain united as strongly as ever before, because we are The United States of America.