This summer is slowly winding to an end. It’s sad when summer ends, I’m never fully prepared for it. Yes, I look forward to the upcoming months and the holidays that will soon suck us in and create fantastic memories and of course some stress. Saying good bye to summer is still bittersweet. Summer is that last little moment of childhood. Every year it brings hopes of sun rays and swimming and despite your age, I’m sure you look forward to something about summer. For myself it is the traditions of summer. I don’t really have a set tradition, the tradition of summer for me has become the emotions that come with it. Summer takes us back into a younger age and who doesn’t enjoy acting like a kid? The past couple of summers I’ve had great opportunities to explore new places and things.  I’ve lived in two separate cities the past couple of summers doing theatre, and despite the amount of work that gets put in towards the beginning of summer there is always a huge payoff. As rehearsals die down and you transition into a show schedule it leaves the day free to do as you please. Here in Garden Valley for instance I have the luxury of sleeping in if I wish, and then the rest of the day can be spent hiking the trails of the Boise National Forrest…or catching up on a favorite TV series. There really isn’t any other summer job that allows for that sense of freedom…of course your nights are a little occupied, but when you’re doing something you love, you don’t notice that. Tonight I was in a pondering sort of mode and it came to my attention of how lucky I was to have two summers in a row filled with theatre. I am hoping now to transition further into the theatre world and move up in terms of theatrical companies…and I have a feeling that these two summers were a great introduction to what is to come. Yes…..there has been low points and disappointments….but mostly I’ve had the opportunity to grow. Either as an actor or as a person. Summer is now over, but the thoughts of the summers to come make Fall and Winter a welcome sight.


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