The Summer Job

Well… something big in my life has happened! I have just been cast in my first professional theatre job! I auditioned for the Neil Simon Festival about 4-5 weeks ago… and hadn’t heard anything back from them, and so I gave up thinking I would get anything. I especially wasn’t expecting to get a lead of any kind. Then yesterday I received a call and was offered the lead parts of Paul “Bratter in Barefoot in the Park” and Axel Hammond in “The Nerd”. You might recognize Barefoot in the Park as the movie starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. The Nerd is a well known comedy and after reading it today I have no doubt that it will be an extremely fun show to be a part of! I am stilling pinching myself, because I can’t believe it! The shows will open in Cedar City on July 14th and run through August 13th! Look Ma’ I’m a real Actor!


2 thoughts on “The Summer Job”

  1. So very Proud of you Bryant.
    Can't wait to see the shows, also very glad you listened to Aunt Debbie with something a little lighter for us to enjoy this time.

  2. I'm really excited to come and watch both of those! I played the mother in law in Barefoot in the Park and loved it! Promise I'll see these two!

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