Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

It seems lately that it is getting hard to write on my blog. Perhaps it is writers block, but I am thinking it is a lack of things to write about. Nothing outstanding or exciting has really happened in the past few months. I have been working with Uncle Ben and Jocelyn at Ideal Financial Solutions and my days are filled with credit card chargebacks and excel spreadsheets. As a creative person, an excel spreadsheet is of the devil in my eyes. This is not something I would ever want to spend the rest of my life doing.

I haven’t done a show since last october… and its eating away at me. St. George really has no community theatre as St. George Musical Theatre is not currently running. I am now in the process of getting into Dixie. I am really excited to start and get back into theatre and get out of this rut. The only unfortunate thing about Dixie is that I will not be able to receive residency tuition until November. That means that instead of a tuition of around two thousand it jumps to around eight thousand. I will be able to received in-state tuition for the spring however.

Exercise has fallen behind in the past months as well. After running the Half Marathon in CDA… I wasn’t really motivated enough to keep up on things. So I wasn’t able to stay in the shape that I want to be in. I however just signed up for the Las Vegas Marathon on December 5th. I started training this week and things are looking good. I am going to do video blogs about my progress and how its going, just to stay motivated.

I am just so ready to get back into the swing of things.


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