End May with a Bang

Tomorrow is the beginning of a fantastic voyage. Tasha and I are leaving on a fun filled car trip up to Coeur D’ Alene/Spokane. It will be 2 fun filled weeks of friends and it will end with the Coeur D’ Alene Half Marathon. I am looking forward to it. As much as a runner that I am (which isn’t anything close to what you would think a runner would be) I feel like I will be able to complete it. Running really isn’t my forte at all. Actually it kinda seems as if Running and Larsen don’t mix. I think we all have that wonderful body structure that makes running hard on the knees and feet. Larsen’s were breed to sail the Nordic Seas…. not to run. However, the more I run the more if feels good and I am starting to enjoy it. Then again, my right foot hurts like a mastodon…so… I guess you can say my feelings towards running are mixed. Running never seemed like it ever would be part of a daily, weekly, or even monthly routine. Take me back three years ago and I would have laughed at the prospect of a half marathon….I probably wouldn’t even have considered running ten feet. It feels good to be in a place that my mind wants to do it. 13.1 miles doesn’t seem like a lot… but its 13.1 miles farther away from the lazy Boo. So I’m pumped to say the least. Looking forward to a good end to May.


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