Kids Say the Most Awesome Things!

“My teacher said that if you touch that plant it will hurt like a Mother!”-Boden


The Only Reason Why We Ask Other People How Their Weekend Was, Is So We Can Tell Them About Our Own Weekend

Well it is 100% spring down here in good old Saint George, Utah! The leaves are all out and the sun shines almost on a daily basis. The warm breezes are flowing into the city and you can almost taste the heat of the upcoming summer. Living in Idaho for the past 7 years has made me appreciate the arrival of spring. There spring swooped in like a warm down blanket and magically seemed to make life instantly better. Southern Utah is the same… although less drastic. There isn’t piles of snow to melt and frozen lakes to thaw. However, the warmth still brings life into the world around us.

This welcomed spring has already led way to some great activities. This last weekend was a good one. Jocelyn invited me to go to her old high school to do a photo shoot with Becca and some other people. I have never worked with studio lights of any kind and it was such a blast and I was instantly hooked on them. After the shoot I went on and purchased some lights and a background. So when they arrive on friday I am going to be able to set up my first studio…in my house! If you want some pictures done…. then its a done deal… come on over!

Saturday afternoon me and the siblings headed out to go backpacking in Water Canyon. Water Canyon is right next to Short Creek Canyon behind Colorado City. I haven’t been backpacking in awhile and it was great to get out and strap a pack to my back. This trip also marked Tasha’s first ever backpacking trip. Did you just say “Thats not even possible?” because how is it possible that she has never been, living in this family? That is exactly my thought as well. The trip was great. It had all the highlights of a traditional backpacking trip; Heavy Packs, Sweaty Backs, Restless Nights Sleep, Roaring Campfire, Deep Conversations, and everything in between.

First Post from an Ipad

Well…..Apple Inc. has once again pulled me into their iron grasps. First it was an iPod, then came the iPhone, MacBook, Iphone 3GS, Magic Mouse, wireless keyboard, and numerous headphones. Now it’s the Ipad. I couldn’t resist it’s charm. It’s shinny new look and promise of a better life suckered me in. Although, it is the best purchase I have made on an apple product. I am currently typing this post using the iPad, and it’s fantastic. Today is day number 2 and I am already pretty solid with typing on it. The user interface is superb and if you know how to use an iPod touch or iPhone you know how to use an Ipad.
Surfing the web is awesome. Everything is touch. You just touch the web…. Okay I know I’m sounding like an apple commercial, but their commercials don’t lie…. Their products “just work”!
Now I have another device to seep it’s cancer creating radiation into my body, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

To sum things up: “Ipad Rocks!”