Utah Update

So I used to do my monthly/bi-monthly “Idaho Updates” but I haven’t done one since living in Utah. So this is my first official “Utah Update”!

Things are looking up here in St. George on the Job situation. Uncle Ben was kind enough to help me get a job working at his office. I now am an employee at Ideal Financial Solutions… and I am working 40 hours a week. It is so awesome. I am really liking working there and I am gaining a TON of experience. I am still living with Tyrone and Sloan. It is a blast. It has been amazing to see my nephews and niece every day. I was used to only seeing them two or three times a year. I am really getting to know them, and I can test out my parenting skills. Josie is the cutest baby alive, and she has grown so much since I moved in, and thats a cool things to watch. Farley is doing good. He has two buds now( Boozer and Shooter) and he seems to enjoy life in the desert. We go hiking a lot together and he took naturally to the slick rock and sunny skies. Farley will be turning 6 this year… wow… my little guy is all grown up. He is starting to show a bit of age actually. He walks a little slower, and white is beginning to appear around his eyes. I guess overall living in Utah has been a great thing, and I can’t wait for what the summer will hold.


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