I’m Going to Tell You Like It Is

Boden and Jett are the best nephews in the whole entire world. There really isn’t any argument about it. They just are sometimes brutally honest….

My hair had gotten rather long in the past few months and I have cut it pretty darn short. I came home from getting my haircut, and walked in the door. Jett was sitting on the couch and turned and starred at me. He looked me up and down…. starred me straight in the eyes and said, “That’s not awesome!” I of course was a little taken aback… and replied with, “What’s not awesome?”… and he cooly turned his attention back to the TV and said, “Your Hair”. Well Gosh! I really wasn’t trying to be “awesome” but somehow my “awesome meter” just plummeted to empty. This wasn’t the first time that my “awesomeness” has been questioned by Jett. A couple weeks before I came out of my room after getting dressed and was meet with another blow, “That shirt is not awesome.” What do you say back to that?…. so I said the first thing that came to my mind… “Well… you….”, I couldn’t think of anything back. I mean where do you go from there? Your “awesomeness” just took a severe beating. The next best option was just to walk away, feeling slightly less sure of my clothing choice.

Boden on the other hand is a little more “delicate” about the way he informs me of his distaste for my clothing or hairstyle choices. Right after Jett had shot down my short hair, I went over to talk to Boden. He looked at me funny, kinda crinkled up his nose and asked, “Are you having a bad hair day?” OUCH! Once again I felt that burn of rejection. Once again I was speechless. “You know… you should go do your hair!”… this kid was on a roll. “It looks like you are trying to be like those people on TV”…. honestly can I get a break…

….. and also on the same note, I am never going to sing in front of them again. My singing was not only “Not Awesome”, but “Kinda like the sound a cat makes.”

All the same they are still awesome and I love them…. and Josie thinks I am pretty awesome… well at least my room anyway.


3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Tell You Like It Is”

  1. um ok, i died. Funniest thing ever. I loooooved this.
    AND BRY, do not just post pictures!! Write too!! please please you are a wonderful writer! you are a wonderful photographer was well, don't stop posting pictures! just write too. 🙂
    miss you.

  2. Well your post was awesome anyway. Dont feel bad they just usually tell me I have a big belly and smack it really hard.

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