It has been incredibly warm and sunny here in St. George! That feeling of spring is in the air. The grass is getting greener, and the sun seems to be getting a little brighter. I went hiking up the Volcano today and hiked off the path for a few miles over to some cool spots. There were tiny wildflowers everywhere. I just have this gut feeling that this weather is to good to be true… and it will snow sometime. Living in Northern Idaho has made me a disbeliever in weather forecasts. It could Rain/Snow while at the same time be sunny. Although, all my hopes and prayers could be answered if it just kept getting nicer and nicer. Bring on Spring.

500 Posts…and counting.

I don’t know if anyone noticed… or even cared, but my last post was the 500th post on the Farley Tribune. This one will make 501. It actually is pretty crazy to think how many years I have been writing on my blog. I started in 2005 and feel like I am going strong today( I am one of the few Larsen’s who still update their blogs. *HINT*)! This blog has become my journal and I can look back and read about some things in my life that I may have forgotten if I hadn’t written them down. I have five(almost six) years worth of writing. I look back at my first post… and just the tone and my way of writing has changed so much. It is just very neat to have this. I am thinking of printing out all my old posts… just in case something happens to Blogger. If I lost my blog, it would be losing memories, and no one would want that.

The Art of Rejection

Well I have auditioned yet again. Let me tell you there is nothing more nerve racking, and down right horrible, than auditioning. This weekend I auditioned for The Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone, Mt. The audition was held at BYU in Provo. I am not exactly sure how I did… but I didn’t end up getting a callback, but that necessarily doesn’t mean anything. It is just disappointing not to get one, because when you do get one you feel like your chances of getting in are higher. I have a good resume and my high school drama teacher wrote me a great letter of recommendation. So hopefully something will come of it. Auditions are so nerve racking because you have 3 minutes to completely impress a director and make them want to cast you. That is a LOT of pressure. This time around I was really nervous, because I really want to get in. They are doing Beauty and the Beast, The Foreigner, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. If you are cast you are placed in 2 or all three of them. In my mind I have already headed up to Yellowstone for the summer and if I don’t get in… I will obviously be saddened. But my plan “B” is to just get into school as soon as possible and then try again for something later. This is the only thing I honestly hate about theatre, auditioning and rejection. It can gnaw at the very core of your being. I won’t find out if I got in until probably after the 13th… or later. So now all I can do is wait and hope. I can take rejection rather easily. Its part of being in theatre… but this one is something I want extremely bad… so the rejection will sting a little worse.