All These Ideas In My Head

I think it might be my creative geared mind, or the fact that I want my creativeness to be recognized, but I always have so many ideas floating around in my head. Everyday I add something to my “Life to do List”, it contains things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. So far it includes; Become a Professional Stage Actor, Become a fairly known Movie Actor, Star a Photography Business that could support me finically, write a book of poems, write a song, write a novel, get my children’s book published, earn a Masters Degree in Theatre/Education, Travel the World, Read all of the worlds literary classics, Live in a foreign country for more than 6 months, take a picture that is good enough to be published in Time Magazine/National Geographic/or other major publication, Become a Self-Made millionaire, Serve the community/state/country as an elected official, start a theatre company/playhouse/organization, influence the lives of children through the arts, study the religions of the world, and the list goes on and on. I sometimes feel like I can accomplish all of this… and then other times it seems impossible. I know just doing one or two of these things in my life would be an accomplishment in its self. Right now I am kinda stuck. I will be starting school again this summer and that will help get things started again. I haven’t been able to find a job, so finically its hard to accomplish some of these goals, but I have a lifetime to accomplish all that I want. So heres to life. Its going to be fun!


Josie’s 1st Birthday!

Today Little Josie turned 1 years of age! That year went by SO fast. Josie is already on here way into her “terrible two’s” as she is everywhere. She constantly is in everything that she shouldn’t be in… but I guess thats the nature of curiosity. I love living at Ty’s because I have gotten to see her grow up! I can’t believe how much she actually has grown (Physically and Mentally) since I have lived here. It just goes to show you that life goes by fast and there isn’t much time to not take note of it! Thats why I love photography. It gives people the power to capture life and the joys that come with it!

Volcano of Ice and Fire!

It snowed a couple inches last night and while looking outside the sun started peeking through the grey haze of the storm. I decided that the lighting was going to be pretty cool for a little while. I could see some heavy black clouds moving in from town and decided to hike up the Volcano to get some shots. I parked over at the church, not wanting to risk my car getting slid into from one of these crazy St. George drivers. I hiked up and the trail was easy, because the snow was heavy and made the trail actually easier than just the lava rock to hike up. I got some good shots I think!

Powers Out!

The power has been out up at Tyrone and Sloan’s house all day. It was getting dark and we decided to light some candles and the power came on as soon as they were lit. However, the power only stayed on for about a half an hour and then killed again. It stayed off for about an hour and then came back on again. Its always fun to have to light the house with candle light. It almost seems magical. There seems to be a quiet that comes over the house. All of our technology is so noisy… it is just always on… and we never think about it. There isn’t that hummmmm from the refigerator, or the squawking of the television, or the clicking of computer keys.