Sunny with a chance of Sun

Well guess what? It is ALMOST Christmas! Isn’t that kinda insane? I mean it almost seems like this year just began. I am so happy to be down in Southern Utah during the Holidays though. This place seems to be abundant with; Family, Sun, and some more Sun!
That is one thing about Coeur D’ Alene, there is NO sun during the fall/winter season. The clouds come in and settle in for a nice stay. Then on top of that, the area experiences an inversion from the lakes. Snow piles up and a winter wonderland is created, and you can enjoy it (and handle it) until New Years, then you pray for it to melt. Everyone walks around doing a Sun Dance, a variation of a Rain Dance. Although, there are the weirdos that seem to enjoy the long months of snow. Diamond Valley got a big snow storm recently and a good 4 inches of snow blanketed the ground for up to a week. Then like a heaven sent miracle… the clouds parted and the sun emerged with glorious rays that seemed to penetrate the snow with incredible force. Soon the snow was gone… and the temps started hitting the mid 50’s… and life was wonderful. It looks like it is going to be a Yellow Christmas this year (and I don’t mean yellow snow) I am talking 100% genuine, luxurious, glorious, heart-warming, healthy, fantastic, SUN!


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