Whistlin” Dixie!

Well it has now been a couple weeks since I moved down to St. George! So far it has been GREAT! I am loving seeing the sun almost every single day. A rarity in North Idaho during the fall and winter months. I was supposed to transfer from my TJ Maxx store down to the one in St. George. Although, it appears that I am not wanted here. Every time I call or go in to speak with a manager they make up excuses and promise to call me back…. and never do. So I have started applying to different places and began a job hunt. I think its best to start doing something different for awhile. I had been at TJ’s for a year and a half. I am living with Ty and Sloan, who graciously let me have one of their bedrooms in their new home. I love them mucho for that. It really is cool living in the same house as my Brother, Sister, Sister-in-Law, Nephews, and Niece. Its like having the advantages of being a Mexican family… without really being Mexican. I of course am joking!! HA! Tasha, Ty, and I were talking and it occurred to us that we would have never imagined that we would all be living in the same house in Diamond Valley again. It really is neat. That is the best thing about living down here. Family is always near by… and not 1500 miles away. Just the other day I got to go with Ty’s family up to Pine Valley to get a Christmas Tree. It was a blast. It was a quick drive from Ty’s house and then we were there. We went onto a couple of dirt roads and tried to keep an eye out for that perfect tree. Except when you live in Southern Utah juniper trees pop up everywhere. It was funny to listen to Ty and Sloan’s conversation:

Sloan: “These aren’t Christmas trees”

Ty: “What? Yeah they are. Look there are pine trees everywhere!”

Sloan: ” Those aren’t Christmas Trees…. those are Junipers”

Ty: “Pfft. Look at em’!”

Sloan: “They are not. Those are half and half. Half Juniper half Christmas Tree”

We eventually stopped and set out to search for the tree. We finally found one. Now the Christmas Tree/Juniper Tree sits proudly in their living room. Sloan was awesome and thought to bring a big thermos of Hot Chocolate to warm us as we drove home. Good Thinking if you ask me!! Mmmm Mmmmm Good!



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