Holidays are a commin’!

I know…. I know…. its been awhile. Again. I kinda get into a funk and can’t think of anything to write. Although, I have plenty of stuff to talk about now.

Some big news is that I am now living back in St. George, Utah. I am living at Ty and Sloan’s house were the graciously offered me a room. I am loving it so far. I think its great to have so many people around! My high school time and until now has just been my parents and me. Then my Dad started traveling a lot for work, and so the majority of time was my Mom and me. It is great to be down here by family for the holidays as well. I just can’t believe it is almost Christmas… I mean Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! I am prettttty darn excited for potatoes and gravy.

Here are a couple of pictures from 1590 Photography:


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