"C’mon Lets Rock and Roll and Just Let Go! Feel the Rhythm of the Drum!"

Well Opening Night for High School Musical 2 has come and past! I am 5 shows into the run and things are going fantastic. It really has shaped up to be a really decent show. There are always the minor little details that don’t work out. Opening night I had a major costume malfunction. At one section of the musical I have a costume that gets ripped off of me and I am left standing in my boxers and undershirt. Well… the costume is extremely hard to get on by myself because it splits in two. I had no one helping me and the costume split in two WAY to early. So I missed my entrance by 2 minutes. The on top of that… I couldn’t get it done up so I walked on stage pretty much holding it up. It was falling off and my leg was sticking out of the side. Needless to say… it wasn’t what we wanted. Although I feel I managed to keep character and ignore the situation and move through the next two scenes holding up my costume. The cast is really great and it has been fun so far. We have two weekends left. I am going to post some pictures.

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