Everyday Life

Coeur D’ Alene has started its seasonal transition to winter already… Just because we really don’t have a Fall up here. It seems like its either winter or summer…. mostly winter. It is getting colder and a wool blanket is needed at night. Especially in this freezing cold basement. I am really sad to see summer fade away, but at the same time I know this winter won’t be bad. Thats because I will be heading down to St. George in the early weeks of November. I was planing on moving down in September… but then had the opportunity to be involved in High School Musical 2. I just couldn’t pass that up. The show is coming together, slowly. We open in 13 days and we have finally started running through the whole show. I haven’t been in a show during the fall or winter in about two years. So I have been able to avoid the cold and flu bugs that tend to plague casts during this time. That is, until now. I woke yesterday morning with a pounding headache and by afternoon felt fine for rehearsal. Then this morning I woke to horrible flu symptoms. I went into work… and began to get sicker and sicker. I was getting really dizzy every time I would walk or bend down to pick something up. I managed to finish what I was assigned to do, then asked to leave early. Apparently my manager had noticed that I wasn’t feeling well because she said, “I was wondering when you would ask me to go home?” I actually think I may have swine flu. A couple of the people in the cast have had it… and the symptoms that I have match the H1N1 virus; soar throat, aching muscles and joints, headache, and then I sometimes feel like I can’t take very big breaths. SOOOO…. I am praying I am better by my sunday rehearsal. I am just glad I am sick now and not on opening night.

I currently purchased the new Canon Rebel XSI, with help from my parents. Its really hard to save up money when you only make 7.50 an hour on part time work. Driving to spokane every day gives me a weekly gas bill of 60 bucks and my paychecks are only around 150 a week…

It really is an AWESOME camera. I haven’t had much time to mess with it… work and rehearsal. I was planing on going downtown to get some shots today… but the sickness took over. Maybe tomorrow though, if I am better. Well here are some shots I have been able to take: Click and enlarge them to really see the detail and such.


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