Weight-loss Update

So it is already September. That means that 8 Months ago I began my weight loss. It really has been a rewarding experience, and I feel that it is just going to become more rewarding as time goes on.

Lately I haven’t been trying to lose weight… but maintain. That truly is the hard thing… not gaining any back. So far I have had some ups and downs but I have been able to maintain my weight at around 175. My lowest weight being 173.4 a couple months back. I have “tried” -I use that term loosely- to build muscle. I just don’t think I have the right equipment to do it at home… and we no longer have gym memberships- because I rarely went- and I was the only one ever going. I def. have built muscles in my arms and legs. I just can’t seem to get ahold of the ever legendary abs. So I decided to motivate myself once again. I will post some pictures. It has been awhile since I posted any… so why not. Give myself some motivation to get abs. It worked the last time to lose the weight.

So Here in they are: In a timeline.

Christmas 2006


Junior Prom

Spring 2007

Summer 2007- Heaviest Weight of 235+

Senior Ball. Couldn’t pull of the tux look here.

Graduation 2008

January 2009 – Weight 218lbs

April 2009

June 2009

2 Weeks Ago

September 2009- Current Weight 175

Its time to get toned, get some abs, and look good.


2 thoughts on “Weight-loss Update”

  1. lookin good manorexia 🙂 I lost ten pounds in a week but thats really more so cuz 4 teeth were pulled from my jaw and i couldnt eat anything.. still worked lol i thought it would all come right back but it actually has been almost two weeks and only 2 lbs were put back on….ssssssssweet. miss you. oh and i cant afford a plane ticket to come see your play but hopefully i will get to see a video of it. I love you and the video of boden and jett doesnt work below this post so fix it thanks.

    love your loving sister

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