Idaho Update

Sorry about the huge gaps in between posts. I have been extremely busy this last month and half. Work has been giving me 30 hours a week… which is a nice change from the usual 12. Then I have rehearsals every day from 6-9 all the way over in spokane. So that really leaves no time to write, unless I happen to be up at two in the morning.

Not a lot really has changed in my life that is worth talking about. Still working at TJ Maxx, and still not enjoying it. It’s not the work… its the customers. The work is fine and I love the moments when I just get to focus on stocking, markdowns, and the occasional building of new shelves and display things. Its when the customers open their big mouths and complain. They always complain about the same things… and usually their complaint is not worth my time. Working in a retail environment has truly given me a look into the depravity of mankind. In other words… people suck. Talking to people sucks. Trying to help people sucks. And pimping credit cards sucks. Still I suck it up and deal. I wouldn’t want to have to trade places with my Dad… I could never do what he does. And I appreciate him immensely for that. My mom also…. How she deals with people all day is beyond me.

High School Musical is starting to pick up and opening night looms close by. This show has and is going to be one of the most challenging for me. The part calls for a tenor… and I am a baritone… so I am really stretching by vocals to the limit… but I am getting there. It really will test me as a performer and hopefully expand my range. I hope as many of you as possible will come to see it. It would be a blast to have anyone up here. So think about it. Then pack your bags. Get a plane ticket. Fly on up. Catch a show. Then go on home!

Farley is doing good. He tends to get ear infections easily. As soon as they get better, they are already getting bad again. I guess its time for a trip to the vet. He does need some booster shots and such.

Here are some pictures for your entertainment!!

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