High School Musical… 2!

I have some good news! I auditioned for a show this past week. Auditions are always a nerve raking experience, but this time it turned out good. The show I auditioned for was ” High School Musical 2″…. yeah, yeah, I Know. You just haven’t given it a chance. Its actually good. Well I was cast as Troy Bolton. So I have a lot of work in the next few months… and thats a GREAT thing.


Change in the Weather

This week CDA is seeing a drastic change in the weather. Yesterday it was 95 degrees, but today it was in the low 70’s. It has been a welcome change, seeing as our house has no AC. It was so nice outside… and by nice I mean windy, rainy, and cold. So I decided to head downtown to take some pictures. Well here they are! There is one were a duck has a bobber hanging from his mouth. I am going to assume that the hook was in his stomach. It was pretty sad really… but made for an interesting picture.

Back Onboard

I have decided to update this blog instead of my website! I will be using my website as a purely business/acting website.

Not all that much has changed in the last couple of months. Life seems to be going by slow… which is a good thing… but also a drag. I really want to do as much theatre as possible… but summer limits that. As soon as Autumn roles around the theatre picks up. There are some shows that I want to do up here, but at the same time I want to get down to St. George to start getting residency to go to Dixie and then eventually SUU. I have been doing some photography things too. I haven’t had a chance to get very many opportunities. Some of the better ones are posted.

I will be posting a LOT more in the next weeks. Maybe not so much this week though, I have my first 40 hour work week! Looking forward to the check!