My thoughts on the 2009 Tony Awards.

Hey Reader! Did you watch the telecast of the 2009 Tony Awards?…. Didn’t Think So. You may be wondering, “Did you watch it?” The answer to that question is probably pretty obvious. Yes I did in fact watch it. This year was actually a pretty interesting one. There were some surprising shows on Broadway nominated for the many awards. This year included; Shrek: The Musical, Billy Elliot: The Musical, West Side Story, Hair, Next to Normal, and Guys and Dolls… just to name a few.

I was surprised at how good Shrek: The Musical actually is. I heard that it was being made… and I for sure thought it would flop. It is not only funny but the music is incredible. I purchased the CD a few weeks ago and listen to often. Billy Elliot I am less familiar with actually took home the “Best Musical” Tony, so I will be getting the soundtrack soon.

Although, my favorite show to come out of 2009 was the revival of West Side Story. Its the classic tale of the Jets and Sharks… but this time it has a twist. All of the songs sung by any of the “Sharks” or Latino characters, is done so in Spanish. I highly recommend the recording. If you want to hear it just let me know and I will burn you a copy…. any takers…. yeah… I didn’t think so. I know you all too well.

But for those who are fans of classic rock… there is a show for you. Nominated for Best Musical was a show called “Rock of Ages”, Not my favorite, but it could be for some of you.

Thats All Really.


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