Idaho Update

I just wanted to write a little about the happenings here in Northern Idaho.

I have been very busy with rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show opens in two weeks. I am more nervous about this show opening than any other I have been in. The amount of dancing and singing that is required is insane. How the show is written, there are no lines of dialogue. The entire show consists of music and dance. I personally am not a huge fan of that kind of show. I like to have moments of dramatic lines. I just hope the show comes together in the end and that it turns out to be as amazing as some think it will be.

I am getting worried about LAMDA. I have to have my tuition before June. 1st and thats not a long time. I filed my FAFSA so hopefully I get some money back from that. I will also be applying for a Student Loan through Bank of America. I don’t want to miss this opportunity and it would be disappointing if I had to….

It is still pretty cold up here. In the high 50’s most week. There are the days with the occasionally 60-70 degree weather. I just hope it gets warm pretty fast! I just want to be able to go swimming in the lakes and go out on the boat, and not worry about being freezing in the middle of May.



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