I just got home from a fun night of theatre! Me and Micah Hanson( Belle) went to go see Spamalot over in Spokane. Spamalot is the musical version of , “Monty Phython and the Holy Grail.” If you are not familiar with the movie, I highly recommend it! The Musical was by far the most fun I have had at a show. It not only was as funny as the movie but the music is highly addictive. “Always look on the bright side of life.. do do …do do…do do…do do.” The show mixes the modern with the classical tale of King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail. From the moment the show started to the moment it ended, I was laughing hysterically. The opening number of the show is called, “Fish Slapping Song.” The cast mistakingly take England to mean Finland. The “Fish Slapping Song” is a way to court a girl… by slapping her in the face with a herring. The show just grows in wackiness and hilarity. Mid way through a song called “Knights of the Round Table” appears. To describe this number I want you to now visualize what Camelot looks like to you. NOW! Forget about that image. This show turns Camelot into Vegas. Flashy Lights, Gambling, and yes Strippers ( who come out wearing full chain-mail and armor). Some of the highlights of the show included the performance by the woman who played the Lady of the Lake. She had a powerful voice and it was fun to hear. Also the performance by the one and only John O’ Hurley… or as you may know him… ” J. Peterman” from Seinfield. Thats right! J, Peterman was playing King Arthur. He gave a hilarious performance… and had a surprisingly good voice.

I recommend for anyone to see it, and to buy the CD and take a listen.


One thought on “Spamalot!”

  1. stop changing im beginning to not be able to recognize you. Hey im going to shakespeare fest with grandma for a play or two, join us?
    knock, knock? (you say who’s there?) your sister tasha and i’ll always be there for you! (say that in a creapy stewy voice) haha love you!

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