Show Update.

Well its to the scary point during a show. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat opens in 19 days. The rehearsals have been going well. As one of the Brothers I dance and sing in almost every single number. When I say dance… I really mean dance. We spend 4 hours of the rehearsal time reviewing and learning the dances. One of the numbers is called “One More Angel in Heaven.” The Theme of the song is western. I am singing with one of the other brothers during this song. There is a dance break half way through the song that is grueling. It is a clog/riverdance/tap number and it took me two weeks to learn it. I can’t wait for the show to open. My Grandma and Grandpa Warren are coming up for the show and I am glad some other family members besides my parents will get to see it.

Spring has finally arrived in Idaho. This means that one day it will be in the 70’s and then as it was today, in the low 50’s.


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