Get Fit!

While in Utah I spent some time over and Uncle Gordon and Aunt Debbie’s house. I was talking to them about working out and Aunt Deb asked if I used a heart monitor. I had looked at them in Costco and online and was thinking of buying one… but I hadn’t yet. Then Uncle Gordon and aunt Deb decided to give me a heart monitor! It was extremely nice of them. I appreciate it SO much. I now use it almost every day. Its nice to see how many calories I am burning, and it keeps me motivated to burn more. Thank You Very Much!!! I have worn it three times all day just to see how many calories I burn in a day. On average I burn 2300, and then an extra 700-1000 with working out. I suggest everyone get one of these! They are a great tool to monitor.

I just auditioned for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I received the role of one of the Brothers. I am not sure which one yet. Hopefully I am one who gets to sing. There are 11 brothers and 11 wives and we will be dancing almost the whole entire show. I am excited for the part because I will get in shape and will have a blast with all my friends who are in the show!!! I was bummed to not get Joseph… just because I was getting into shape for the part…. but I am fine with it. I actually am more excited to be dancing more and getting those 5 hour aerobic rehearsals with it.


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