Almost Spring.


I Need Some Motivation!

So now that auditions for Joseph are over and I didn’t land the part of Joseph… my motivation for weight loss is a little down. I am more maintaing than losing at the moment. At my last weigh in I came in at 186. Remember I started my weight loss at 218. So I have lost a good 32lbs. Thats like a whole dog. I just need some motivation, so I will be posting some pictures. The pictures represent the start and then two different pictures take about 2 months apart.


So I found out what Brother I will be playing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I will be playing the eldest of the 12 brothers, Reuben! I will also be singing “One More Angel In Heaven” with one of the other brothers. If your not to familiar with the show, that song is a western one.

The Dance rehearsals for the show have been pretty awesome. It is such a good opportunity for me to gain some skills in that area. I have a firm grasp on acting, and singing… but lake skills in dancing. There is a lot of partner dancing in this show as well. All the brothers were assigned wives and those dances have been pretty fun. I was also assigned to a solo dance with my wife and one other brother and his wife. I will be dancing during the french style song, “Canaan Days”. The dance for me basically consists of me lifting her and dragging her around the stage… pretty awesome.

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Back in February I went to Seattle to audition for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. After the audition I was told that I would be getting a result of my audition in March. It was a long wait but while in Utah I received an e-mail. The e-mail said that I was not accepted into the one, two, or three year courses that I had auditioned for. However, it went on to say that the judge was impressed by my audition and felt that I would benefit from studying with them. The year long courses are primarily reserved for third year college students and the three year is extremely hard to get into. So!!! They asked me to be recalled for the Autumn Single Semester Study Abroad Program. I sent an e-mail back asking to be recalled for it. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from the audition so when I got the e-mail I was really excited. Then today I got another e-mail….. I have been accepted to attend LAMDA for four months in September!!!! I will be studying classical acting-Shakespeare and his contemporaries!!!!

This is the Letter:

“Dear Bryant

I am writing to inform you that your application to the LAMDA Autumn Single Semester course 2009 has been successful.

Entry to LAMDA is highly competitive so congratulations on achieving the place.

The offer pack will be mailed to you shortly.

Please remember to update your account online with any changes to your contact details.

We look forward to welcoming you to LAMDA.

Best wishes

Jo Butterworth
LAMDA Admissions

The structure of the training is similar to that undertaken on the One Year Classical Acting Course, with a minimum of 35 hours of practical class per week

You will be trained in the same way and by the same faculty as students on longer courses at LAMDA. It will be very exacting and exhausting. A minimum of 35 hours of practical work (Monday-Friday with some weekends and evening work) based on the three central elements of our training: acting (including improvisation), movement (including movement theatre, clown and historic dance) and voice (including poetry, prose, solo and choral singing). Work is conducted in small groups as well as on a one-to-one basis. All classes are compulsory. It is a typical British Conservatoire programme.

There will be opportunities to attend West End productions and experience the variety that London theatre has to offer. There will be a visit to Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace to see the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company first-hand. You will also be encouraged to take “

I am REALLY EXCITED. Tuition is a little expensive, but I think its manageable.

Get Fit!

While in Utah I spent some time over and Uncle Gordon and Aunt Debbie’s house. I was talking to them about working out and Aunt Deb asked if I used a heart monitor. I had looked at them in Costco and online and was thinking of buying one… but I hadn’t yet. Then Uncle Gordon and aunt Deb decided to give me a heart monitor! It was extremely nice of them. I appreciate it SO much. I now use it almost every day. Its nice to see how many calories I am burning, and it keeps me motivated to burn more. Thank You Very Much!!! I have worn it three times all day just to see how many calories I burn in a day. On average I burn 2300, and then an extra 700-1000 with working out. I suggest everyone get one of these! They are a great tool to monitor.

I just auditioned for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I received the role of one of the Brothers. I am not sure which one yet. Hopefully I am one who gets to sing. There are 11 brothers and 11 wives and we will be dancing almost the whole entire show. I am excited for the part because I will get in shape and will have a blast with all my friends who are in the show!!! I was bummed to not get Joseph… just because I was getting into shape for the part…. but I am fine with it. I actually am more excited to be dancing more and getting those 5 hour aerobic rehearsals with it.