Spring Break!

I consider my trip down to Utah to be my Spring Break! I took a week off of work and my Mom and I headed to the warmth. We have been enjoying the warm/hot weather. I am not ready to go back to the cold temperatures of Hayden Lake. I will update a in more detail at a later time. For now here is a list of highlights:
-Meeting Josie
-See all the family around St. George
-Playing with the Boys
-Running with Tasha
-Hiking with Ty, Sloan, and Tasha
-Hanging out with Marty
-Seeing the Oscar Myer Wiener Car at Wal-Mart



It has been pretty incredible being down in Utah in the warm St. George sun. Here are some pictures.

Springing Back

I am sure excited for the extra hour of daylight! Who doesn’t love an extra hour of that fine spring weather. Although spring seems a distance off her in North Idaho. Thanks to the myth of Global Warming we had a fresh blanket of snow this nice cloudy gray morning. I am 100% ready for spring to arrive and summer to stampede in. Just the thought of laying on the grass on a nice sunny day is enough to make me pack up and head to Rio. Coco Cabana! I am also ready for the snow to finally all melt…and then I can start running. Go out right now you would take your life in your hands. On one of the fairly nice days, while the roads had cleared, I went out for a run. Turns out… I had to walk… with extreme caution. The ice on the side of the road allowed for no traction. One fall later… and I was done trying. It not only has been snowing, but it has been FREEZING the last couple of days. Cold enough that heavy winter coats are still in effective use and going on a cart run during work requires you to dawn your coat, gloves, and wool socks. Its maddening to say the least. My Mom and I are heading to St. George on the 11th or 12th so I can finally meet Josie and see the boys and all the family that I can. I PRAY with all my heart that we get a good week of sun and 70 degree weather. I guess what I am trying to say is… Al Gore is full of it. HA! Global Warming. More Like… Global Warning of Al Gore..HA!… Okay… Okay… I KNOW… that wasn’t even funny. Sue Me!

I also hit a major WEIGHT LOSSSS GOAL!

Starting Weight: 218.9

Current Weight: 192.9

Starting BMI: 28.85%

Current BMI: 25.87%


Weight Lost: 26lbs

BMI Lost: 2.98% * Doesn’t take into account muscle mass gained.

Goal: BMI of 24.50 by Joseph Auditions on March 27th

Long Term Goal: Look Good without a shirt on… on STAGE!

Page to Screen

I know it has been almost a week since my last post…and I am very sorry. The internet has been out for that time. Apparently no one in the family desperately needed it. My Dad has a new blackberry that connect his laptop to the internet and I had my Iphone… so we were all content. I decided to just call and get it fixed so I could start using my laptop again. I feel like it has been neglected. The Iphone is so handy in situations like that. I have little applications that connect me right to Facebook and other major websites that I use. I even have an app that connects me to blogger. I just never felt like typing out a whole post on it.

I have been reading a lot lately and wanted to share some good books. Something I have recently come to realize is that many movies that win Oscars at one point were very good books. Take for example; The Lord of the Rings Return of the King. Return was by far the best film in the trilogy, and in my opinion the best book of the trilogy. Peter Jackson carefully took the story from page to screen and did it with an amazing outcome. So it deservingly won best picture. While in Des Moines auditioning for LAMDA I picked up a book. I finished it about 5 days ago…. not actually starting it until 7 days ago. I found myself one night reading pretty much the entire book. The book is called ” The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It will so been made into a movie starring Viggo Mortensen. It is written by a Pulitzer Prize winner and also by the same man who wrote No Country for Old Me-which was made into a movie. A very good movie. So I am thinking of checking that book out also. I found the book to be very interesting and emotional and I suggest you read it before you see the movie. Then while at Target the other day I noticed they had a section of books that corresponded to the movies nominated for awards this year. So I picked up; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road, and The Reader. I have already read the short story of Benjamin Button and recommend it for a good read one night. I think it would be a particularly good book to read aloud. I have just started reading Revolutionary Road and so far it is quite good. I will keep you updated on it, also on The Reader.

Here is the description on the back of “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy:

“A father and his son walk alone through burned America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. It is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. They sky is dark. Their destination is the coast, although they don’t know what, if anything, awaits them there. They have nothing; just a pito to defend themselves against the lawless bands that stalk the road, the clothes they are wearing, a cart of scavenged food-and each other.
The Road is the profoundly moving story of a journey. It boldly imagines a future which no hope remains, but in which the father and his son,”each the other’s world entire,” are sustained by love.”

I want each and every single person who read my blog to READ this book…and only see the movie after reading it.

I guess the moral of the story is… Read before Watching.