Work, Education, Life…. all the good stuff.

Well its Feb. 16th and the month seems to be going by slow. I am really anxious to know if I get a call back to LAMDA. Even if I didn’t, I still want to know ASAP. I hate waiting for things like this. When a show is cast it usually takes a couple of days for the director to make their decision, and the wait is always aggravating.

TJ MAXX is the same old same old. I have been getting a few more hours which is nice. I am thinking of applying for a position that is opening that would offer me me a one dollar raise and more hours… but I am not sure if it will fit with my schedule when I start auditioning for shows again. I just need to talk to one of the managers to find out. I had a dream last night that a angry customer was yelling at me and I yelled back and then quit. It was a very refreshing dream actually. I really like my job most of the time. I keep busy and work with really nice people. Then there are the times that I want to walk out the door. Those are the times when I wish I could turn to a customer and tell them, “The world doesn’t revolve around you and your friggin’ discounted scarf.” I think the TJX Corporation should adopt that as their new motto.

I have now decided that if I don’t get into LAMDA, I am going to go back to NIC(sounds horrible) and get a degree in English or Journalism. Then transfer to SUU, University of Idaho, and maybe try to get into another acting school. I hated the theatre program and NIC so I just don’t want to get involved in it. I like English and writing so I will go that course.


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