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Idaho Update!

Well the weather is starting to warm up… and by warm up I mean its right above freezing and has stopped dumping hoards of snow. There is still massive amounts of snow on the ground… at least the road ways are cleared up and I can drive my car. I can’t wait for the hot weather to arrive. Summer seemed so short and winter has seemed so long… the cruelty of the whole thing is disturbing. I can’t wait for the sides of the roads to clear and the freeze to end, so as I can workout outside comfortably. Wii Fit although fun has now become repetitive. I would enjoy it more if I could actually get outside and run for real and then do some of the strength exercises. I do some light lifting in my room and as many sit ups as possible… they get old. In my weigh in today I am down to 194 point something. I also made it to a BMI of below 26… it was 25.83 I believe. So thus far I have gone from weighing 218.9 to 194, and also dropped my BMI from 29.83(top of the Overweight mark and one or two pounds from Obese) to 25.83(Low end of the Overweight mark and 5 or so pounds away from a High Normal BMI. The Wii Fit lets you set goals for the month or week. My monthly goal (which ends in about 2 weeks) was to lose 20 pounds. I only have to lose 8 more pounds to reach the goal. All of this is great but by no means do I have my abs yet… alas I must wait on. I have been good about what I eat( Most of the Times…I have gone astray on some days) and try not to eat after 5 o’clock. On average I loose about 1-2 pounds a day. Which is NICE! I decided as a little bit of a motivation thing to clean out my closet. I ended up with about 10 bags of clothes that didn’t fit me anymore or had not been worn in months. It was refreshing to get rid of all of those jeans that no longer fit. It has also been a little bit of a burden… I only have a couple of pants that don’t fall down when I wear them. The others I have to wear a very synched up belt with. I don’t think my pant size will change more really. I went from a 38 to a 34. Anyhowzer….this is probably only interesting to myself.

Tomorrow is my Dads Birthday! He will be turning 46! Its crazy how the time flies. I can’t believe I will be 19 this year… INSANE! Tyrone and Tasha are starting to get up there as well…. although they don’t act like it. I joke.

Work, Education, Life…. all the good stuff.

Well its Feb. 16th and the month seems to be going by slow. I am really anxious to know if I get a call back to LAMDA. Even if I didn’t, I still want to know ASAP. I hate waiting for things like this. When a show is cast it usually takes a couple of days for the director to make their decision, and the wait is always aggravating.

TJ MAXX is the same old same old. I have been getting a few more hours which is nice. I am thinking of applying for a position that is opening that would offer me me a one dollar raise and more hours… but I am not sure if it will fit with my schedule when I start auditioning for shows again. I just need to talk to one of the managers to find out. I had a dream last night that a angry customer was yelling at me and I yelled back and then quit. It was a very refreshing dream actually. I really like my job most of the time. I keep busy and work with really nice people. Then there are the times that I want to walk out the door. Those are the times when I wish I could turn to a customer and tell them, “The world doesn’t revolve around you and your friggin’ discounted scarf.” I think the TJX Corporation should adopt that as their new motto.

I have now decided that if I don’t get into LAMDA, I am going to go back to NIC(sounds horrible) and get a degree in English or Journalism. Then transfer to SUU, University of Idaho, and maybe try to get into another acting school. I hated the theatre program and NIC so I just don’t want to get involved in it. I like English and writing so I will go that course.

Seattle and LAMDA

Well I just got back from Seattle and my Audition for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. My mom was nice enough to drive the 4 1/2 hours from Spokane. We left at 5:30 in the morning on the day of my audition. I was nervous that we wouldn’t make it on time to my 2:40 in the afternoon audition. I was also worried that we would get lost as it was located in the suburb of Seattle. The audition was held at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Wa. It was a crappy little college in a weird sea port town. After arriving 3 hours early to my audition… my bad… I finally went in for my audition. I was greeted by a real life Englishman; accent, sweater vest, brown loafers, the works. He sat me down and asked what pieces I was going to present and what song I was going to sing. He then had me get to it. I presented my two monologues and then sang my song. He had me go over my Shakespeare piece a couple of times-seeing if I would respond to the critiquing and and training. I then had a short interview where he told me a little about LAMDA and I asked a few questions. All in all in wasn’t a bad audition… but I am doubtful if anything will come from it. It is an extremely hard school to get into. What I am hoping for now is a call back in Mid-March. The callback would be held in London, UK. : D My nerves were shot for the day so we headed over to downtown Seattle to check into our Hotel. It was in a great location right next to Pikes Place Market and Pier 55 and a short car trip over to the Space Needle. It was fun to walk around the city and experience the noises and people. Some of the highlights of the trip were indeed highlights. We started off this morning walking down to Pier 55 which houses the Seattle Aquarium and Boardwalk and an amazing little shop called, “Ye Olde Shop of Curiosity”. Before heading over to shop my Mom and I enjoyed a seattle classic… Starbucks! The Shop was incredible. It had real mummies shrunken heads and torsos and two headed calves and old machines that play dirty shows for a dime( Don’t worry I didn’t watch them. One was called “Lady Takes a Bath”). There was also a fortune telling machine right out of the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. We spent a good hour in the shop and found some cool odd things. We then headed over to Pikes Place Market and then to Subway to eat. We checked out of the Hotel and decided to go to the Space Needle as the finale touristy thing of the day. This by far was my favorite thing of the trip. It was a great experience being in such an Iconic building of the city. AND in true Seattle style we had another cup of Starbucks coffee while sitting in the sky.