So I weighed myself again today. I am down to 208. I find this pretty exciting. So in 25 days of using the Wii Fit with a better diet and various other exercise I have lost 11 pounds. At the height of my weight I believe I crushed the earth at 232. Then it just started going away, but it stopped around 220. I have been 220 for two years now probably. I hope to weigh 190 and have a BMI( Body Max Index) of 22-24 by March)-Quick little story: Every since working at Tj Maxx I spell Max with two xx’s. I has become very annoying. The Wii Fit has been a very useful tool. I suggest it to everyone. I find I like the strength exercises the most; push ups, sit ups, planks, lunges. Although the aerobic exercises that it offers are good like the running one. I think the most fun one is aerobic Advanced Step. It is like dance and I keep getting better at it and it just may improv my balance and dance skills. My family got the Wii and Wii Fit from my Grandma Warren for Christmas so thanks to her I am getting in Shape. : D Thanks Grandma!! For the next three days I wasn’t schedules to work so I am planing on hitting the gym hard and working on my monologues for my LAMDA audition. Tonight I am planning out my meal schedule for the week as well. I have been good about eating now for the last two weeks. I keep my calories under 2,100 and I eat only the more healthy things. My favorite snack during work is an Apple and 18 Almonds. So many people work out while listening to their ipods. I do the same thing, but found it hard to keep my mind on the music if it was so fast paced or modern. So while everyone else in the world listens to the current top 10 list I listen to my favorite film scores. It keeps my mind away from the workout and I get more done. While I listen Imagine what the song represents and where in a play it could fit in. I just like to keep my mind in creative form. So while I am working out my body, I am working out my creative brain. It really is Win-Win.

I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stious.


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