What’s In a Name?

Well some pretty exciting stuff has been going on lately. Most importantly I have a new niece. Pretty soon Ty and Sloan are going to be able to have their own baseball team with all the babies they keep having. I think it is pretty cool that they have three kids already. I like being an Uncle. I can’t wait to see Josie Maiz! I don’t know when I will be able to, but it has to be soon.

For my whole life I have been called Boo by the family. Now, Bodie and Jett call me Uncle Boo. So I guess I won’t be growing out of that nickname. I am actually thinking of using it as an acting name: Boo Bryant Larsen, Boo Larsen, Bryant Boo Larsen. Boo just stands out a little more. Although having Clair in my name draws attention to me. OR! I was thinking of going by Lord Rupert Everett and I will breed Fancy dogs. The names people remember are the simple ones like; OJ, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Obama… Everyone knows them just by their one syllable name. So perhaps I could go that approach. OR! I was thinking of elongating my name. This would also draw attention to my name. Example: Bryant Clair Theodore Cartwright Algernon Larsen. I am completely undecided at this time and I know I am going to need a lot more time to make my decision. It is a matter of failure or achievement.

I was doing some research on LAMDA today. I found out that quit a few of the most talented actors graduated from there. Ian Mcklean who played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings was a LAMDA graduate and he happens to be one of my favorite actors. I have a dvd of him and Dame Judy Dench in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Macbeth. It is one of my favorite acting pieces. Kevin Kline also studied there for a year. At LAMDA Kline played Cyrano in Cyrano De Bergerac and then went on to play that part on Broadway. My audition is in 18 days. I believe my mom has bought the plane tickets so the whole thing is a GO!


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