Weight Update. And more Word Garbage.

To those who care about my weight loss. I am down to 211 now. So I have lost around 9 pounds.

I have finally picked the two pieces I am using for my LAMDA audition. I am doing the scene I performed at the Christmas Party two years ago. That one is Cyrano de Bergerac and I am also using the same piece i used with that at state. The other piece is called the Cripple of Inishman. I have to have two pieces that are under three minutes each and are contrasting. One has to be Elizabethan or Jacobian and the other more Modern(after 1899). They also have to contrast in the area of Comedic and Dramatic. I also find that they contrast on a higher level due to the nature of the stories. In Cyrano, he is dealing with a deformity of the face-large nose-that makes him have a rather unfortunate social disability. While Inishman deals with a young man who suffers from physical disabilities of the arm and leg. The two pieces give insight on how one can handle dealing with their disabilities. Cyrano accepts his in a way and is willing to fight to protect his dignity. While in Inishman the young man is heart broken and hates every bit of his disability. When he goes to audition for a movie that calls for a crippled boy he is not cast. The boy who gets the part is physically healthy boy. The director at one point tells him, “Its better to have a normal boy who can act crippled, than a crippled boy who can’t bloody act at all.” This brings out the hurt that he has always experienced to a new level and he begins to wonder why he is even alive.

I feel like they are strong pieces. I just have to work a lot on them and perfect them.

Thats All.


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