For several years now I have been plagued with the wonderful teen skin disease known as… Acne. For these several years I have tried everything and more to finally have a clear face. I wake in the morning and start a daily face wash routine-just to control the issue. Recently I have been using the “Clearasil” brand. It has been effective to an extent. It is usually the same with all the products I try. I see some hopeful results in the beginning and about a week later my skin turns angry. Tonight I tried a new brand that I had never heard about. It is called “Pretika” and comes with the usual; Face Wash, Lotion, and Acne Spot Treatment. The reviews online are all really positive, but there is a catch. This particular brand has been discontinued do to financial trouble. I just happened to see it at TJ MAXX-a positive of working there. So if this product decides to “CURE” my skin, in about a month I am out of it and back to square one. I tried Proactive for about 4 months. It seemed to be doing a good job and my skin became clearer but eventually stopped working. 2 years ago I went to the dermatologist and they proscribed two products called Menocycline and Retin A. For about 4 months it was looking good, and soon became useless. Then at the beginning of the year my Mom took me to a place called ABY( A Beautiful You). I was extremely apprehensive…A Beautiful You? She had to be joking! I went in for my initial exam. This place was somewhat like a dermatologist but she was not a true doctor but a certified something or other. We decided to try out the system the prescribed. This is the exact process I had to do night and day:

Step 1- Wash hands with soap, then Wet face.
Step 2- Hold an Ice cube to face until melted, make sure to hold on infected area.
Step 3- Apply ABY Face Wash-Lather, Scrub, Rinse, Pat Dry. Apply ABY Acne Mask for 15 Minutes. Rinse.
Step 4- Apply ABY Cleansing Pad to face and gently roll over face and neck.
Step 5- Apply a thin layer of ABY Skin Protecting Lotion
Step 6- Apply a Thin Layer of Silent Healer( The silent healer was what really started to clear up my skin. It had sulphur in it. I often smelled of gun powder. It also bleached all of my shirts and towels)
Step 7-Apply another Thin Layer of ABY Skin Protecting Lotion
Step 8- Apply a Thin Layer of ABY advanced sunscreen.
Step 9- Take One Multi Vitamin Night and Day
Step 10- Take one Iron Capsule Night and Day

For about 7 months this was working. I would go into this place for Acne Surgery. The “Doctor” would rinse my face then use a needle to clean out all of my pores. This hurt like crazy my eyes watered so bad every time. Imagine a needle being poked into the sensitive areas around your nose and eyes. She then would put a mask on my face that dried so hard that it took several minutes to rinse off. Then she would apply different products-have no idea what- then take a Q-Tip dip it in Liquid Nitrogen and rub it across my face. I then would go home with a red and itchy face. Then it stopped working.

I guess I am doomed to live a life of horrible skin. If anyone knows of a “Miracle Product” let me know… I would literally kill a frog to have perfectly clear skin.


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