I only worked from 11:30-5:00, but my word. It was a pretty crazy day. I got into work and there were HUGE lines at the registers. So I hoped on mine, I took a break at 2:15, then got back on. I didn’t stop ringing people up until I clocked out. That being said, it wasn’t the best part of the day…

I was walking up to the front of the store and another associate yelled for me to come help her out with something. When I reached her she was helping this really stern and fierce looking Chinese woman. Apparently she had a coat she wanted to buy, but she sat it down so she didn’t have to hold it-but she still wanted it. Apparently another customer had picked up the coat, and bought it. She was thoroughly upset and so me and the other associate decided to continue to search for it. After about 15 minutes we called it quits and let the lady know. She however did not give up. She continued to search the store. When I finally clocked off I went to talk to some of the people at the service desk. One of the girls was ringing up these customers and suddenly it happened…I happened to see her emerge like a rabid monkey out of the corner of my eye. This Chinese woman came running at the service desk counter yelling, “THATS MY COAT! YOU STEAL MY COAT! WHAT YOU DO?! YOU STEAL MY COAT!” She then ripped a coat out of the hands of a customer in line and causes her to drop all of here other purchases. This woman continued shouting, “HOW DARE YOU! I WORK HARD TO FIND! MY COAT! MY COAT!” One of the managers hurried over to ease the tension. The two women were yelling at each other and my manager hoped right on it the middle of them. An argument of all arguments began. This Chinese woman managed to rail off several hundred more fractured sentences and asked every other customer their opinion on if the coat should go to her or the other woman. The results of the open poll were fifty fifty. It looked like it was never going to end. This Chinese woman only grew more agitated as the argument went on. The woman who had had it at the counter finally conceted and let the woman have the coat. The Chinese woman however was not done yet…she turned and looked at my manager and FREAKED! “YOU KNOW FUNNY? YOU SO SURE! YOU SO SURE YOU RIGHT! I RIGHT! MY COAT! YOU THINK YOU FUNNY! KNOW FUNNY? YOU STUPID.” At this point my manager turned and walked away not wanting to deal with this woman any longer. Laughter could be heard from all over the store as this woman continued to yell at who ever was in her site. Finally this Chinese woman’s husband walks over to her and tells her to calm down… and to my surprise I knew her Husband. Her husband was my drivers ed teacher a couple years ago… I guess its true- The most terrible people end up together. The woman finally paid for her coat and left with a final, “I RIGHT! MY COAT!”

So far… TJ MAXX has given me a chance to observe some of the most bizarre people in the world. Great human study for theatre and creating characters.



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