December First!

“Sunset Lake”

This year has gone by incredibly fast…way to fast actually.

Reading: I have been reading quite a few books lately and have come across some really good ones. I had never been a huge fan of Stephen King and didn’t really ever expect to be. Then I found Misery. That book was incredible…frightening yes, but still. This made me curious about some of his other works. I looked a few in Hastings and decided to try out The Green Mile. The movie actually did justice to this book. Although, like in most cases the book surpassed the movie by a long shot. King has some other more famous novels like; IT, Kugo, and his Dark Tower series. I think I will skip the Dark Tower series-something like 20 books, but will read the others. At TJ Maxx we get some books in once in awhile. A couple of weeks ago the Twilight series came in. I had no previous desire to read these books, but had been told they were good. So I decided to buy them as their price was low…just to check them out. The series includes; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I am currently in the middle of Breaking Dawn. I have to admit I like them. They are one of the biggest chick books ever made… besides Anne of Green Gables-which I did read after finding it among the book shelves in our house. The premise of these books is simple-Its about Vampires. I like the story line and the fighting stuff that happens in it. Girls I guess like the romance and they tend to place themselves in the book. I also just read The Princess Bride. What a funny book. It was an edited one done by the guy who wrote the script for the movie. I guess the original medieval version is over 4,000 pages and contains an 80 page excerpt of the items found in a suitcase. I recommend all of these of course.

We just went and got our Christmas tree-talk about convenient. Our neighbors who we rent our house from and we know from me doing theatre had them in their driveway. Our neighbor is the Executive Director of CYT Spokane(The theatre I do stuff with) and their fundraiser for the holidays was to sell Christmas Trees. We went down and picked one up-a nice beautiful round one-and paid 35 bucks into a box and were home in about 5 minutes. We got it up and put some lights on it…but it is not decorated yet. When it is done I will post some pictures.

Work has been going good. Black Friday was a busy day but it went by really fast. I got to work at about 9:30 and got on my register and got off of it at 5:30 and went home…I fell asleep on the couch reading in five minutes. But I can’t complain because Me Padre Y Madre work 90 hour days and stuff.

Farley is doing well…. fluffy and smelly as always.

A dude at Me Padre’s work is going to breed some Bernise Mountain Dogs and Me Padre is thinking of getting one if he can get a deal…look them up. They are pretty neat dogs.

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot.”-If you can name the movie where this quote comes from post a comment! I will put some other quotes on to future blogs and we will see who gets them right!

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


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