Snow. Snow. Snow.

Well we woke up to about three feet of snow this morning. The most snow to fall in a 24 hour period in CDA. It is so deep and goes past my knees. Farley is almost buried. I have a few pictures:



“Hello! (Smile). Did you find everything alright today?… ( Wait for reply. If positive. Smile and Laugh. If they mention they were disappointed that they couldn’t find a certain product sigh slightly and say “Sorry about that.”) Please don’t swipe your card yet. I am not finished scanning your items and it may freeze the system. It looks like your total is going to come to 200 even today… you could save 20 dollars if you would apply for the TJX Rewards Card. (Smile. The customer will most likely refuse but insist that 10% is a great savings. If the answer again is “No”, tell them the benefits) For every 200 dollars you spend in store you will receive a 10 dollar coupon in the mail towards your next purchase! (If the answer is still “No”……GIVE UP!)”

As a part of my job we are required to ask the customer every time if they want one of those stupid TJX Rewards cards. If we don’t and the customer notices they get a free bottle of water, and we get yelled at. So far I have never missed a customer and never had anyone take a bottle of water from me. Some people are extremely nice and say, “Oh No Thank You. But thanks for asking.” Then others stop you mid sentence, “NO!… its fine. Like I would want that.” I want to reach over and punch the mean ones in the face. I often visualize myself yelling at messy or disgruntled customers and it feels so nice. The other day while working a woman came up to the counter with a card load of stuff. One of the items did not have a tag. This particular item was a sports bra and would be located in the Activewear section. As no one was available to do a price check for me, I had to go find it. I looked for about 5 minutes but couldn’t find the same bra. So I grabbed the one that was most similar to it. I went back up to my register and asked the woman if $9.99 was okay. She looked at it then looked at me and very smugly replied, “Those aren’t the same. I will not pay that price it is way to much!” I replied, “I could not find this particular item on the rack, so I grabbed a similar item. Did you happen to find this in another area of the store?” She then asked with the most disgusting tone, “Where in the hell did you look?”. Becoming extremely annoyed and aggravated myself, “I went to the Activewear section were this item would be located.” Her eyes became really big and she breathed real loud and threw her hands up, “Are you stupid or something? Why in the hell would a bra be in the Activewear section? Of all the lines! I can’t believe I picked yours. How stupid can you be?” This really pissed me off (Pardon my french) so I just starred at her for a second then replied, “Well you see this little number here (referring to the the section number on the tag) this means Activewear… so that is where I went to find it. Obviously this item was placed in the wrong section. There was no reason for your insults and you have no right to speak with me that way. I was only trying to help you. Now you can either pay the $9.99 or find it yourself.” A couple of people in line behind her were laughing. She was mad but obviously embarrassed and then picked up the bra and threw it on the floor by my register. Then she pushed her cart out of the way and said in the most bitter tone she could muster, “Fine if you don’t want my business I will take it to someplace that values my patience and reasonable comments.” As she walked out the door I added a quick, ” I hope you have a great day and a Merry Christmas to you!” A few other customers and some of my fellow employees were watching by now. The next customer in line just happened to be one of the nicest old ladies on this planet. After I had finished ringing up the last customers in line. My manager walked over to me. She had witnessed the whole thing but never stepped in. She stopped in front of me and simply said, “Nicely Done!” and walked away.

I was curious about the actual price of the sports bra she was trying to buy. I went over to the bra section and found a whole bunch of them in the wrong place. This woman had declared that $9.99 was way to much. Although, could have had a great buy. The actual price of the bra, $29.99.

“Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude!”-UNKNOWN

I never got around to sharing these. For Halloween we could dress up for work… and not missing an opportunity to create the illusion of another person I decided to do it. Can you guess who I am?…………..

If You guessed Mark Twain you are correct.


For several years now I have been plagued with the wonderful teen skin disease known as… Acne. For these several years I have tried everything and more to finally have a clear face. I wake in the morning and start a daily face wash routine-just to control the issue. Recently I have been using the “Clearasil” brand. It has been effective to an extent. It is usually the same with all the products I try. I see some hopeful results in the beginning and about a week later my skin turns angry. Tonight I tried a new brand that I had never heard about. It is called “Pretika” and comes with the usual; Face Wash, Lotion, and Acne Spot Treatment. The reviews online are all really positive, but there is a catch. This particular brand has been discontinued do to financial trouble. I just happened to see it at TJ MAXX-a positive of working there. So if this product decides to “CURE” my skin, in about a month I am out of it and back to square one. I tried Proactive for about 4 months. It seemed to be doing a good job and my skin became clearer but eventually stopped working. 2 years ago I went to the dermatologist and they proscribed two products called Menocycline and Retin A. For about 4 months it was looking good, and soon became useless. Then at the beginning of the year my Mom took me to a place called ABY( A Beautiful You). I was extremely apprehensive…A Beautiful You? She had to be joking! I went in for my initial exam. This place was somewhat like a dermatologist but she was not a true doctor but a certified something or other. We decided to try out the system the prescribed. This is the exact process I had to do night and day:

Step 1- Wash hands with soap, then Wet face.
Step 2- Hold an Ice cube to face until melted, make sure to hold on infected area.
Step 3- Apply ABY Face Wash-Lather, Scrub, Rinse, Pat Dry. Apply ABY Acne Mask for 15 Minutes. Rinse.
Step 4- Apply ABY Cleansing Pad to face and gently roll over face and neck.
Step 5- Apply a thin layer of ABY Skin Protecting Lotion
Step 6- Apply a Thin Layer of Silent Healer( The silent healer was what really started to clear up my skin. It had sulphur in it. I often smelled of gun powder. It also bleached all of my shirts and towels)
Step 7-Apply another Thin Layer of ABY Skin Protecting Lotion
Step 8- Apply a Thin Layer of ABY advanced sunscreen.
Step 9- Take One Multi Vitamin Night and Day
Step 10- Take one Iron Capsule Night and Day

For about 7 months this was working. I would go into this place for Acne Surgery. The “Doctor” would rinse my face then use a needle to clean out all of my pores. This hurt like crazy my eyes watered so bad every time. Imagine a needle being poked into the sensitive areas around your nose and eyes. She then would put a mask on my face that dried so hard that it took several minutes to rinse off. Then she would apply different products-have no idea what- then take a Q-Tip dip it in Liquid Nitrogen and rub it across my face. I then would go home with a red and itchy face. Then it stopped working.

I guess I am doomed to live a life of horrible skin. If anyone knows of a “Miracle Product” let me know… I would literally kill a frog to have perfectly clear skin.


I only worked from 11:30-5:00, but my word. It was a pretty crazy day. I got into work and there were HUGE lines at the registers. So I hoped on mine, I took a break at 2:15, then got back on. I didn’t stop ringing people up until I clocked out. That being said, it wasn’t the best part of the day…

I was walking up to the front of the store and another associate yelled for me to come help her out with something. When I reached her she was helping this really stern and fierce looking Chinese woman. Apparently she had a coat she wanted to buy, but she sat it down so she didn’t have to hold it-but she still wanted it. Apparently another customer had picked up the coat, and bought it. She was thoroughly upset and so me and the other associate decided to continue to search for it. After about 15 minutes we called it quits and let the lady know. She however did not give up. She continued to search the store. When I finally clocked off I went to talk to some of the people at the service desk. One of the girls was ringing up these customers and suddenly it happened…I happened to see her emerge like a rabid monkey out of the corner of my eye. This Chinese woman came running at the service desk counter yelling, “THATS MY COAT! YOU STEAL MY COAT! WHAT YOU DO?! YOU STEAL MY COAT!” She then ripped a coat out of the hands of a customer in line and causes her to drop all of here other purchases. This woman continued shouting, “HOW DARE YOU! I WORK HARD TO FIND! MY COAT! MY COAT!” One of the managers hurried over to ease the tension. The two women were yelling at each other and my manager hoped right on it the middle of them. An argument of all arguments began. This Chinese woman managed to rail off several hundred more fractured sentences and asked every other customer their opinion on if the coat should go to her or the other woman. The results of the open poll were fifty fifty. It looked like it was never going to end. This Chinese woman only grew more agitated as the argument went on. The woman who had had it at the counter finally conceted and let the woman have the coat. The Chinese woman however was not done yet…she turned and looked at my manager and FREAKED! “YOU KNOW FUNNY? YOU SO SURE! YOU SO SURE YOU RIGHT! I RIGHT! MY COAT! YOU THINK YOU FUNNY! KNOW FUNNY? YOU STUPID.” At this point my manager turned and walked away not wanting to deal with this woman any longer. Laughter could be heard from all over the store as this woman continued to yell at who ever was in her site. Finally this Chinese woman’s husband walks over to her and tells her to calm down… and to my surprise I knew her Husband. Her husband was my drivers ed teacher a couple years ago… I guess its true- The most terrible people end up together. The woman finally paid for her coat and left with a final, “I RIGHT! MY COAT!”

So far… TJ MAXX has given me a chance to observe some of the most bizarre people in the world. Great human study for theatre and creating characters.