Coeur D’ Alene

I had a few hours between classes today and decided to take a few photos-of the 598 that I did take, I only kept the 14 ones I liked best. I look for the ones that are most visually pleasing to myself, hoping they are equally pleasing to others. I then go into Iphoto(my photo editing software and storage program-it is great) and edit them to the correct exposure and colors that I want. Hopefully I get what I like. Still if I can’t get the picture to be where I like it, I will delete it. Coeur D’ Alene is really beautiful in the Fall. Although the leaves have all fallen and a smokey haze fills the air to to inversion, it still is pretty. The light only comes out once in awhile so I take those opportunities to take some pictures. Here are a few from today. Click to enlarge them.

Most of the pictures I took today where a little dark and had some ugly smoke from a burn pile at the college so most of them were deleted.


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