Acting-Movie-Top Ten

So far in my life I have seen quite a few movies and have a formula that I like that makes a good movie. It has to suspend my disbelief-as in make me believe that it could happen even if it is far out. If it has to follow a strict timeline and plot holes have to be absent. Finally it has to have some amazing acting. These were the criteria for the next couple of top ten/five lists.

Most Well Performed Movies:
#10-Legends of the Fall-Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Aidan Quin.
#9-O Brother Where Art Thou-George Cloney
#8-Titanic-Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet
#7-Shakespeare In Love- Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes
#6-Stage Beauty-Billy Grudup and Claire Danes
#5-The Importance of Being Earnest-Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, Judy Dench, and Rupert Everrett
#4-Seven Years in Tibet-Brad Pitt, and David Thewlis
#3-Finding Neverland-Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet
#2-The Village-Adrian Brody, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Jaquine Phoenix
#1-Misery-James Caan and Kathy Bates

Greatest Actor in Film:
#5-Brad Pitt
#4-Johnny Depp
#3-George Cloney
#2-Leonardo Decaprio
#1-Adrian Brody

Greatest Actress in Film:
#5-Kathy Bates
#4-Kate Winslet
#3-Reese Witherspoon
#2-Cate Blantchet
#1-Helena Bonam Carter


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! Thanksgiving is already here…. Last year by this time we had 2 feet of snow. This year we have none. I find the belated snow rather nice.. until it catches up and dumps 9 feet instead.

We are having our Thanksgiving Dinner with the Higgins Family this year. The House smells really good…..I know I shouldn’t but I will have seconds thank you very much!

Now comes the discussion of Black Friday. Luckily TJ MAXX does not have any sales on this day(the whole store is a big sale-45-70% everyday so they say) but still it is a busy day for all stores. After the Black Fridians score big time at Bestbuy and Khols they head to Tj Maxx…I work a good shift…. 9:30-5:30……should be swell.

Also today we are going to see a play. The girl who played Bell in Beauty in the Beast-Micah Hanson, landed a role in a professional theatre in Spokane. The Show is called “Together again for the first Time.” The movie counterpart was made into a movie in Provo. I guess it stars the kid from all the LDS flicks(Singles Ward, The R.M., The Home Teachers) I believe his name is Kirby.

Then I work Saturday and Sunday and back to School…………………

E-Mail Address

I still get many E-mails sent to my old address. I would prefer to go entirely away from my hotmail account. So if you send me anything, send it to

This E-mail goes directly to my Mac and my Iphone and I will get anything you send and probably will respond in a matter of minutes-usually.


Coeur D’ Alene

I had a few hours between classes today and decided to take a few photos-of the 598 that I did take, I only kept the 14 ones I liked best. I look for the ones that are most visually pleasing to myself, hoping they are equally pleasing to others. I then go into Iphoto(my photo editing software and storage program-it is great) and edit them to the correct exposure and colors that I want. Hopefully I get what I like. Still if I can’t get the picture to be where I like it, I will delete it. Coeur D’ Alene is really beautiful in the Fall. Although the leaves have all fallen and a smokey haze fills the air to to inversion, it still is pretty. The light only comes out once in awhile so I take those opportunities to take some pictures. Here are a few from today. Click to enlarge them.

Most of the pictures I took today where a little dark and had some ugly smoke from a burn pile at the college so most of them were deleted.


In regards to my last post on the audition. I didn’t get in. Which is okay because not getting in then makes when you do get a show much better. Although, I really want to be in a show… that means I have to audition for something else. Oh Well.


Well……..I had an Audition.

Two nights ago I had my first audition since Beauty and the Beast. It was for a show at the college called, “The Doctor in Spite of Himself” by Moiliere. It was a really fun audition so I am glad I did it. The cast list is posted today…so when I get down to the college I will se if I made it. I have no idea really. I could be in, I could not be in. There are a lot of talented people at NIC right now. Like I said the audition was really fun so no harm if I don’t make it. Disappointment will ensue of course…but determination will follow there after if I don’t make it.

WELLL!…….New Photographs.