I need to be in a play… I just want to act.

I am going crazy not being in a show. I hate not having time for it. Doing theatre gives me motivation to want to pursue it further. When I have big empty spaces of time when I am not in a show, I get bored. I would enjoy school so much better if I was involved in a show. Right now, school is boring and I feel under-stimulated in my creativeness. Even in my theatre classes I feel like I am not getting my fix of theatre. My performance class is not challenging and consists of performing odd and pointless scenes and monologues. While my Intro to Theatre class is just that…. a class of stuff I already know. The teacher reads straight from the book and the class is three hours and forty-five minutes long. Math is boring, Logic and Critical Thinking…is okay, but challenging. I want to get out of college and go to a pure acting school. My parents probably don’t see it my way. I have decided that all of my parents children are completely impulsive and don’t like to stick to the norm… that is because we all have a serious case of ADD. Tyrone can’t live in the same place for more than once, Tasha(used to) get a new Job every five minutes, and I can’t stand the repetition of school. That is why theatre is so great… no rehearsal or show is the same. I don’t want to go to college anymore. I am not a fan. I just want to be able to do what I want to do… without having the small stupid interruptions in my life. I am going to look into acting schools and audition and apply, and if I get in…. then thats where I want to be. I mean having a college education won’t mean anything in a few years. The economy will be in the pooper and there will be 1 billion college graduates that can’t get a job even with their degree. Oh Life. If you would care to reach me I will be on a beach in Hawaii for the rest of my life. That sounds nice. Doesn’t it? I wasn’t born to sit in a classroom….I was born to be on a stage…….. so thats where I will be….on a stage….on a beach….in Hawaii…if you need me.

I like Reading
I Like Writing
I hate Math
I Love Theatre
I am not a fan of College
I Need to be in a Show
Thats all I have to say about that.


3 thoughts on “I need to be in a play… I just want to act.”

  1. Boo, trust me when I say finish school. you will never regret getting your degree and will always regret the decision if you leave college. And the people who have degrees and cant get jobs? Thats bullshit, finish school and then you can go play Peter Pan or whatever……..

  2. I wasnt making fun of what you wanted to do. I was merely using Peter Pan as an example. I should have used Phantom or Willy Wonka instead. But the point remains the same,,,,…..stay in college and you will be thanking me. Employers like to see a degree, doesnt really matter what kind of degree. Come on!!

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