Phantom of the Opera-Reviewed!

The orchestra began to play, the lights dimmed, and the audience continued talking. The lady sitting to the right of me tells her friend, “I have seen this show over a hundred times…of course this one doesn’t compare to the one in New York”. A man behind me groans, “How long is this show?”. This is the audience in a broadway touring show. One of the greatest parts of a show like Phantom is the orchestra. Although I was often unable to hear them through the talking. The audience talked through the overture and the Entrée Act. Out of respect to the musicians who are working just as hard as the actors and others involved in the show, I feel like the audience should remain quite during these moments. My only real problems with this show happen to be audience related and will point many more out.
Technically this show was the best I have ever seen. The raising of the Chandelier is one of the most Iconic scenes in Musical Theatre history. The illusion was a little off as a sheet covering the facade stuck to the chandelier and had to be removed by the actor playing the auctioneer. Although, I have to say I didn’t mind. I love when you can tell the mistakes in plays. As a performer some of the best moments on stage are when you have to keep acting through the mistakes. I like to see how an actor can handle the situation, to me that is a talent in itself. The chandelier was freed and rose above the audience-even though flash photography was prohibited, hundreds of flashes emerged from the audience and in took me out of the play for a few minutes. Although the audience had a great ability to take me out of the play, the performers had a way of bringing me right back in.
The actors in the leads were well placed. Besides their extraordinary singing voices, their believability was awesome. You could honestly feel the anguish that the phantom was going through towards the end of the show. Another great moment of the show was during the title song, “The Phantom of the Opera”. The phantom led Christine(the led female) to his lair. The stage began to move up and down and made it appear as if they were going down into the catacombs of the theatre. The phantom then places her in a boat and it begins to move. The stage is then covered in a massive layer of fog-from dry ice-that falls off the edge of the stage like a waterfall.

All in all it was a great show and I would love to see it again. Although I would prefer to see it in New York or Vegas were the show is a permanent fixture in a singular theatre.


I need to be in a play… I just want to act.

I am going crazy not being in a show. I hate not having time for it. Doing theatre gives me motivation to want to pursue it further. When I have big empty spaces of time when I am not in a show, I get bored. I would enjoy school so much better if I was involved in a show. Right now, school is boring and I feel under-stimulated in my creativeness. Even in my theatre classes I feel like I am not getting my fix of theatre. My performance class is not challenging and consists of performing odd and pointless scenes and monologues. While my Intro to Theatre class is just that…. a class of stuff I already know. The teacher reads straight from the book and the class is three hours and forty-five minutes long. Math is boring, Logic and Critical Thinking…is okay, but challenging. I want to get out of college and go to a pure acting school. My parents probably don’t see it my way. I have decided that all of my parents children are completely impulsive and don’t like to stick to the norm… that is because we all have a serious case of ADD. Tyrone can’t live in the same place for more than once, Tasha(used to) get a new Job every five minutes, and I can’t stand the repetition of school. That is why theatre is so great… no rehearsal or show is the same. I don’t want to go to college anymore. I am not a fan. I just want to be able to do what I want to do… without having the small stupid interruptions in my life. I am going to look into acting schools and audition and apply, and if I get in…. then thats where I want to be. I mean having a college education won’t mean anything in a few years. The economy will be in the pooper and there will be 1 billion college graduates that can’t get a job even with their degree. Oh Life. If you would care to reach me I will be on a beach in Hawaii for the rest of my life. That sounds nice. Doesn’t it? I wasn’t born to sit in a classroom….I was born to be on a stage…….. so thats where I will be….on a stage….on a beach….in Hawaii…if you need me.

I like Reading
I Like Writing
I hate Math
I Love Theatre
I am not a fan of College
I Need to be in a Show
Thats all I have to say about that.

College and Me

Here I sit.
Three Hours left in my College Class.
Its Torture to say the least.
The Teacher is talking about Creative People.
She is pretty creative I guess…if reading straight from the book is creative.
Thats all I have to say about that.

The Phantom of the Opera

The touring Broadway show Phantom of the Opera is in Spokane at the moment and my mother and I are going tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see it. It is one of those shows that “you just have to see”, Like Les Miserables-which I was able to see this year at Coeur D’ Alene Summer Theatre. Phantom of the Opera is one of the longest running shows in Broadway history and I guess the set, costumes, and performances are all incredible. I can’t wait to see it.

1590 Photography

I am calling my collection of photos “1590 Photography”, which is the the year William Shakespeare began his acting, writing, and publishing careers in London. I really like how it sounds… opinions?


“Double Take”

“Creek Birds”

“Seeing Through”


I really love my Apple Macbook. I can do anything on it. The movie and photo editing software are great and easy to use. I just purchased ILife ’08 which is great. It has an amazing Word Processor. It contains something called Keynote-basically Powerpoint- but ten times as good.

The picture above is using Photo Booth.

My Favorite Picture so Far.

This picture is downtown Coeur D’ Alene along the Lake. It looks a lot better in print than it does digitally. I am signing up for some photography classes at NIC. I have decided to tweek my College a little bit. I am going to scratch theatre for these two years… I am going to get my A.A with emphasis in Speech Communication. Then transfer to a University for theatre after my general studies. I also am debating on which school I want to go to. My top five are: Southern Utah University, Southern Oregon University, Seattle University, University of Idaho, or Idaho State University.